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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-25 09:59:00

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Just out of curiosity how do you think WWE handled Jerry Lawler's medical emergency? Should they have stopped the show and would the USA Network let them do that?

When you consider that people get seriously hurt in sporting events and the game continues, I have no problem with WWE continuing Raw.  If they had decided to stop the show, I think USA would have understood but Vince has never been one to do that (such as the night Owen Hart died).  I liked that they didn't do commentary at the end out of respect to Lawler. 

I think WWE should bring back or add a belt like the TV belt and put it on people like Sin Cara.

And I think that they have entirely too many titles right now and adding another one would be a bad, bad move.  The US and Intercontinental Titles already mean nothing.  WWE doesn't need another useless belt.

A few years back, Tod Gordon started publicizing that he and Paul Heyman would change the wrestling world again, etc. etc. Obviously, this never came to pass, as they never worked together again. Do you know what this was all about, if it came close to fruition, or if Tod was just self promoting?

He was doing an interview with a radio show that doesn't exactly ask pressing questions so he messed around with them and gave them that quote just for laughs.  They took him seriously.  Knowing Tod and his sense of humor, that made the whole thing even funnier to him.

It's very sad what happened to Jerry Lawler. But do you think wrestling last night and still wrestling period was one of the main reasons it happened? If so do you think this is a wake up call to not only Jerry Lawler but to all wrestlers who still wrestle and who are above 55?

 As one gets older, they definitely have to be more cognizant of things like exercise and the affects it has on the body.  With that said, heart attacks can come out of nowhere.  I know many people that had no symptoms and suddenly had one.  Lawler appears to be one of those people.  Personally, I would be leery of wrestling at indy shows with no doctors if I were older.

What about Rock vs. Austin at Wrestlemania?

Been there, done that.  If they both work at Mania it should be with different people.

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