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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-24 09:59:00

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Out of everyone in the TNA roster i think there are a few who deserve to be main eventers. The man i most think deserves a world title run is Christopher Daniels. Can you ever seen him as TNA world champion?

I like Daniels a lot but I don't think the creative team sees him as THE guy.  I don't think he will get a run with the top title.

I've been out of touch with wrestling for a while. Watched it religiously until a few years back. I keep up with it enough to know what a few of my favorite stars are up to but I'm not 'in the know' anymore. My question is what caused this shift in target audiences - going from a pretty mature product to this current PG rating. It just seems like such a drastic change to me. The Attitude Era was wildly successful for a long time. Sure, you have to change the formula to keep things fresh but like I said, a full shift in the targeted demographic seems drastic.

Vince McMahon made the decision to change the direction in a effort to get into relationships with big companies, such as Mattel.  Also keep in mind that this kind of product has always been his view of the business.  The Attitude Era was largely forced on him by the fact that WCW was beating him.  Now with no competition, he is going back to what he is comfortable with.

It seems that a good deal of the shared concerns about WWE is directly attributable to pleasing shareholders - pushing social media, failed film ventures, not getting talent over and the PG era.... At this point, is there really an over-arching reason WWE remain a public company? VKM was smart enough to know the business is cyclical and took a huge payday by offering an IPO at the height of the popularity of the attitude era, but now it seems to have stifled them and they are always looking over their shoulders, so as to not take risks nor offend shareholders. Couldn't they start an aggressive stock buy-back campaign and once again be at the helm of their own ship - and essentially go private again? Do you think this move could have a strong positive impact on the product?

One, I don't see the family wanting to buy back the stock.  It's a costly proposition.  Two, the stockholders aren't really an issue since the family owns the vast majority of the company.  The direction of the company, as mentioned above, is a choice made by Vince McMahon.  It's not being done to please anyone but him. 

Any chance with Punk's comments about SCSA last night on Raw we are gearing up to a Punk-Austin Wrestlemania match or was punk just trying to get heat?

Sure, there is a chance as it has been talked about for a while now.  Whether it actually happens is another matter altogether.

My question deals with Chyna. Why won't the WWE let her back? I mean X-Pac was in Backdoor to Chyna and he went to TNA, yet he was brought back for Raw 1000. Why is this?

Chyna has made repeated negative comments about the company, HHH and Stephanie.  She has talked about Stephanie stealing HHH from her.  She has been in rehab and had more embarrassing incidents than I can even cite.  She is, in a nutshell, just not someone they want to be associated with.  I don't blame them one bit.

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