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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-23 09:59:00

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Shaq opens Impact then isn't seen again. Did TNA drop the ball not having some sort of scuffle with him and A & 8s? Seems like a big angle down the drain?

Have you ever noticed that most of the stuff that doesn't make sense on Impact involves Hulk Hogan?  There is a reason for that and this is another example of that.  They wanted to get Shaq on the show, which I totally get.  But to have him say "I have your back" and then not, well it looks dumb.  I agree with you.

What's the relationship now with Edge and WWE?

Edge is a free agent to do whatever he wants because his WWE contract expired.  The deal they offered him wasn't to his liking so he is basically controlling his own future and will work with them when it makes sense.

I am a huge fan of TNA. I feel the company is on to something potentially big. I am however concerned that talent like Matt Morgan leaves and bad mouths the company, Devon leaves, Angle threatens to as well. The one person they can not afford to lose is Bully Ray. That is a throw back heel who scares everyone and not a weak WWE style heel of today. My questions are, with all the good TNA is now doing why is top name talent leaving or thinking of doing so and what does it take for Impact to get better ratings? The show is awesome lately.

The talent isn't leaving so much as it's not being offered the money that it wants to stay.  That is a decision TNA has made because their resources are limited.  They brought back Ray and Morgan because they were worth it to them.  They did not feel that way about Devon.  As for making sense of Angle's tweets, don't even try.  It will drive you nuts.  Where ratings are concerned there are no easy answers.  TV programmers worldwide try to answer that question every day.  What TNA needs to do is keep producing a strong product and go from there.

I know it's probably not Jerry Lawler's fault, but the last 3 years he has been so boring and bland on commentary. Do you think it may be time to replace Jerry Lawler on commentary?. And who would you replace him with?. I think Road Dogg would be awesome on commentary.

Lawler can still be as good as he ever was.  He is working under the constraint of doing what Vince McMahon wants him to do.  Anyone else who is in the position would be in the same boat.

Has any wrestler/performer ever demanded a significant title run when resigning with a company?

Back during the Monday Night Wars era, a lot of top guys got creative control clauses.  Some lobbied for title runs but I can't think of an example of anyone demanding one.

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