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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-22 10:00:00
With the Jewish holidays in our midst, I was wondering whether the most "known" Jewish wrestler, Colt Cabana has ever actually been to Israel to wrestle?

I reached out to Cabana, who said that while it's almost happened a few times, he's yet to wrestle there, although obviously he'd love to.

I saw the ROH statement that pretty much said everything was fine. Are they kidding? They have had problems with half the iPPVs and that piece acts like they want to have the issues ignored and instead be praised for doing their job when things go right. They shouldn't be praised for doing what's expected of them! We've seen the talent go from El Generico to Mike Mondo and cutting edge indy names to OVW style performers. We've seen them go from running Philly to never running the city that put them on the map. The production is far below DGUSA, hell, even the original ECW and SMW. The promos are wodden and out of first grade acting class.They've done the impossible and took ROH from being the cool kid in class to the dunce cap promotion. Do they realize how insulting that statement is?

The statement wasn't kidding. I don't know whether that statement was written entirely by the author or was simply a reflection of the frustration ROH management has felt in recent months. Unfortunately, the upper management has only been doing this a year and there are going to be mistakes. The creative complaints are obviously subjective and I can't find fault in them hiring Mondo, who works his ass off. Generico not being signed is obviously a mistake but you don't know why he turned down a deal - perhaps he didn't like the terms, perhaps the company didn't think he was worth it. As far as running markets, I agree there should be a balance but the company is a subsidiary of a TV broadcast company and should have to serve those markets first and foremost. As far as production, I got nothing for you and hope it improves.

With all the talk of how bad things are with ROH, are there any positives?

Of course. The talent pool is still extremely strong. Any promotion that features Michael Elgin, The Briscoes, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reily, Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Rhett Titus, Shelton Benjamin, etc. etc. is going to have some great talent and shows. I will never, ever discount the work ethic of the locker room and no one else ever should, either. I don't think everything is bad in the promotion. Until the day comes where they hit TNA or WCW in their worst eras bad, there is always hope things will improve and turn around. All is not lost, but the company has a lot of work to do to mend some fences with the part of the audience that feels disenfranchised right now. It will obviously be a work in progress, as is ROH under Sinclair, but I really do hope it can happen.

Whatever happened to the "Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty?

He is retired and still lives in MA!

My grandfather always tells me about a wrestler named the Bayonne Bombshell but I never see anything about him. Any clue if he's making this guy up?

Nope, grandpa is absolutely not screwing with your head. Bombshell was the nickname as Steve Gob, real name Steve Gobrokovic, who wrestled in the 1940s and 50s after a big Olympic power lifting career.

I saw the piece on the site about Mick Foley's new kids book. That got me thinking. Foley mentioned a few years ago he intended to write a piece about a female slave under a pen name to keep his background from being part of the judgment in the critical process since a lot of the book reviews were always "wrestler wrote book, so..." Did it ever come out?

To date, it did not. I hope it does. I actually really enjoyed both of his novels, especially Tietam Brown.

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