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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-21 10:00:00

I keep seeing the reports for the WWE NXT TV but don't see where it airs. Where can I watch it?

Right now, it airs internationally. It doesn't air in the US but if you search youtube you might be able to find unauthorized episodes floating around.

What is the difference between Open Fight Night and Gutcheck?

Gutcheck is a new talent trying to "earn" a contract and Fight Night is when an established name can call out anyone on the roster.

Do you know why Direct TV or Dish network has never picked up WWE 24/7 ?

It boils down to finances. The two sides never made a deal, just as WWE never locked in a deal with Time-Warner cable. Now that WWE is trying to formulate their plans for the Network, I doubt we will ever see additional deals made for the VOD channel. It makes no sense to keep pushing forward with that project when they have one that can be much more financially beneficial in the planning stages.

Has anybody heard anything about Dean Ambrose lately? When they were running the Foley stuff back in April, it seemed logical that he'd be debuting soon. That was 5 months ago! What's going on?

He just worked another dark match in Philadelphia this past Tuesday. They seem to be biding their time. The company is really high on him. The Mick Foley stuff was more to test the waters and tease things with him and play to the online audience.

Are the Muppets returning to Raw for this Halloween?

I don't think so. There's no movie to promote this year and honestly, I think that was sort of a one and done with the charm. I really enjoyed it because I love the Muppets personally but certain things really just don't work. It's like having Godzilla on Raw - it just creates a scenario where you are completely asked to put all logic to the wayside. Just doesn't really work. Fraggles, however.....

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