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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-20 10:00:00
Is it still the plan to turn TNA Knockout star Mickie James heel?

That obviously was quietly dropped in favor of the Tessmacher vs. Tara feud.

Maybe it's just me, but with the return of the Rock and Brock, both working extremely part time, why is there talk of putting the strap on them? IMO putting the belt on a part time performer is a slap in the face to the guys who bust their tails 300 days a year. I understand the draw value of those two names, but shouldn't that be enough? If you want to build young talent, why focus so heavily on expensive part time talent and not use them to get the younger generation over. I'm not one of those fans that feels everything should be exactly as I want it, but this situation bothers me.

I'm with you on moving the belts to part-timers, unless they are going to come in and work a full schedule while carrying the belt. However, one could make the argument that removing the belts off TV except for the rare title defense might raise their aura a little bit.

What was the deal with McMahon pushing Sgt. Slaughter and Bob Backlund as main event heels in the 90's after their prime had already passed? Were they that desperate for stars/villains? Do you think that can work today, and if so, who would be the equivalent?

Slaughter they pushed as they wanted the Iraqi sympathizer. His work during that era was actually very good. Backlund was pushed because the character was unique, especially after all his years of being a plain babyface. I never really saw him as a top main event heel during that era, although he had a short run with the title. I don't think they were desperate as much as they were trying to create characters they thought would appeal to the audience, Could it work? Sure. They can hire Bob Holly and Billy Gunn tomorrow and push them if they wanted. Would it draw? Probably not.

I read an artcle in an old wrestling detailing the state of womens wrestling at that time. How would you describe the state of womens wrestling in 2012?

A state of flux.

I know that former basketball legends Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan are known for playing golf. Are there any wrestlers, male and female, who are also avid golfers?

Larry Zbyszko, Sgt. Slaughter and Barry Darsow.

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