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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-19 09:59:00

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Just read today's "on this date" and saw how Slaughter & Kernoodle were given the NWA tag belts after a "tournament". My question is if nothing in pro wrestling had changed since that day and kayfabe was maintained, would the Internet have killed the sport? You cant have these title changes and fake tournaments without people being the wiser. Would it force these promotions to work harmoniously? Thoughts?

With the access to information that everyone has today, I don't see any way that WWE could have kept kayfabe up.  Everything is out there today.  So the internet would haven't killed the business.  And now, there aren't any promotions that have to work together any more so that isn't an issue either.

You mentioned today that no long term planning in the story lines in WWE is reflected by the product. Is the Aces and Eights story something that is considered long term? And how long do we go before we get tired of it without ever seeing a payoff. I am sure that BFG will likely be the payoff, but with people chanting things like "Gallows Sucks" as they did Thursday night, do they risk the likelihood that the story will dry up before there is a decent payoff? I am sure that if Jeff Jarrett is the likely one behind it, they can stretch the phase 2 portion of the story after the big payoff, but I myself am really starting not to care about it anymore.

Aces has been a long term angle, yes.  And like you, it has to be taken the next level by Bound For Glory.  If it goes past that with no development, it will have been too long for sure.  And while all of the talk originally was that Jeff Jarrett was behind it, I would not be surprised at all if the first face that we see for the group is Bully Ray.  He would fit perfectly.

So towards the end of Rick Rude's career, I seem to recall that he was appearing on both Raw & Nitro. What was the story on that and how was it possible?

You remember correctly.  Raw was taped the week before it aired and Rude was working a per date deal with the WWF.  WCW signed him and had him appear live on Nitro as a way to take a shot at the WWF.  That stuff mattered a lot to them back then.

Maybe you have a logical explanation: I really wanted to hate the anger management-stuff with Bryan and Kane. I thought it would be a waste of Bryan's and Kane's talent and feared the worst. Now, after the first segment I actually found myself looking forward for more. I can't even remember the last time WWE created so many funny moments in such short time. Kane in particular was just hilarious in his delivery. What do you think about these segments? Am I alone with this estimation ?

I get what you are saying.  I think both guys have taken what was a pretty dopey storyline and made the most out of it.  They have done very well in their roles and it has become kind of entertaining in an "I can't believe I like this" kind of way.

Reading the Q & A the other day, someone asked about having Randy Orton fail a drug test on his way out with a serious injury to essentially reset him. You guys answered it with the idea being it would be a huge mistake primarily on a PR level. Isn't it also true that it wouldn't reset anything because according to policy they superstar would still come back with 2 strikes anyway? So once someone has two strikes they really are stuck for life on that edge. Do you see them implementing a time frame policy where after say 10 years of a clean record you have a strike removed?

No, I don't.  I think that defeats the purpose of the policy and I think it would bring a lot of scrutiny that the company doesn't want if they were to make that change.  If you fail three tests, you should never get to wipe that clean in my opinion.

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