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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-16 09:59:00

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I'd love to get an opinion on the editing of casual racism in older matches. I was watching an old Taka Michinoku match on the WWE YouTube channel and was floored to hear Brian Christopher on commentary refer to him as a "dirty yen slinging oriental." Between this and pretty much any Tito Santana match Ventura or Heenan was on play by play for should the WWE censor old footage they are re-releasing to make it acceptable for the world of 2012, or leave it as is?

Given their recent removal of some videos due to them not being TV-PG, yes I certainly agree with you there.  That stuff should be edited out.  It just goes to show that not everything about the TV-PG push is a bad thing.

Will they be heating up the MetLife Stadium in some capacity for the performers (and the spectators) at WM 29?

If need be, they will heat up the ringside area for the performers, which is only fair considering how little clothing workers have on.  As for the fans, they will be on their own.  If it's cold and/or rainy people should know to dress appropriately.

From what I've read and heard, a lot of TNA contracts are pay per appearance. Does WWE use similar arrangements? I understand the top talent in both companies probably have guaranteed deals, or as close to "guaranteed" as it can be, but for the lower card folks or up and comers, is it truly feast or famine?

WWE has their wrestlers on downside guarantee contracts, meaning they make a minimum amount of money per year.  TV appearances are counted in that downside.  The company gives performers bonuses, at their discretion, for appearances on house shows and PPVs, as well as merchandise. 

I am very happy to see Jerry Lawler is doing better.  My question is do you think he should wrestle again, and would you if you were him?

Obviously since I don't have access to his records I don't know the extent of the damage that the heart attack did.  I also don't know if he has a congenital condition which would make him predisposed to having another attack.  With that said, if it were me, I would spend the immediate future rehabilitating my body and getting as much of my strength back as possible.  I wouldn't even consider wrestling on any indy show that did not have a doctor and EMTs in attendance and honestly, I probably would never wrestle again if I were him.  To me it wouldn't be worth the risk.  I also don't know that WWE or any indy promoter will want to take the risk of having him work any matches for them either at this point.

What do you think it would be like in TNA if Hollywood Hogan (that's what I'm calling him if he's sporting the blond-and-black beard) were to turn heel and reveal that he's the man behind the Aces and Eights? Would it work under specific circumstances, such as Hogan being the group's mentor and putting them over as fresh talent? Or would it be a total disaster?

If it's Hogan, and he turned on Dixie Carter and TNA yet again, it would be a miserable failure in my opinion.  The perfect person to be the leader, in my opinion, is Bully Ray.  He should be the leader and use the group to gain the TNA Title.

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