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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-14 10:00:00
Hey guys my question is about a couple of WWE signings from the New England scene. They signed Max Bauer, Mercedes KV, and Matt Taven. In the cases of Bauer and KV they are being booked and advertised as making their final appearances but Taven hasn't and I noticed today he's booked for the Crossfire tv taping. Can we assume he failed the physical somehow or turned them down?

We haven't heard one way or another whether Taven's offer was pulled. Sometimes, health issues come up that cause the delay of the signing, which happened with Chris Hero and Bryan Danielson, but in the end, they were signed, just a little later than expected.

With Jerry Lawler appearing to be out of the woods, will the health scare encourage WWE to put together a Lawler DVD package? Does lack of Memphis material hinder the marketability for WWE to put this package together?

WWE has toyed with doing a Jerry Lawler DVD in the past but never pulled the trigger. It's entirely feasible that they could get enough footage from Lawler and other sources, as well as photos, to do a DVD documentary on Lawler's career, plus they own the AWA library and Lawler has been with WWE off and on since 1993, so it wouldn't be hard to produce something - if they opted to. I think the near-tragedy has made a lot of people reflect and remember to appreciate Lawler, but whether that leads to WWE wanting to do a DVD - that remains to be seen.

I understand that WWE is trying to turn CM Punk from a fan favorite to a heel as a result of all the actions done by Punk to Lawler, The Rock and most recently John Cena with so far no results. I know this may sound cold but could WWE use what happened to Jerry Lawler suffering that heart attack on Raw by saying that it was CM Punk's fault? What if Punk comes out on Raw and shows great disrespect toward Lawler and what happened to him? Makes some kind of distasteful joke or something. Would they ever consider doing something like that?

They absolutely could, but it would be a pretty disgusting promotional tactic. I don't see the company going that route in today's day and age of PG programming and "Be A Star" rallies but if this was 5-10 years ago? I think it may have happened. This is the company that had Randy Orton saying Eddie Guerrero went to hell after he died, after all.

Given the extraordinary job Cole did on raw Monday regarding the lawler medicial emergency and the fact that everyone is praising his efforts , do you think its time they turn him BABY FACE?

It's been time for Cole to return to a regular announcing role since he wrestled Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania 27. But, that's up to WWE.

I recently purchased the 1st Wrestling Gold collection and loved it. The commentary was great and there were some top notch matches on it. It was cool to learn some of the history of wrestling that WWE will never tell. I also tracked down the second collection, and while not as good, It was worth watching. My question is, why did they stop making them? In reading reviews they seemed popular for their time, and is there anything similar that I can check out?

The DVDs didn't sell enough to warrant continuing the series, sadly.

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