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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-14 23:30:00
We are live at Pro Wrestling Syndicate's return to iPPV tonight at The Rec Center in Rahway, NJ:

Demolition vs. The Powers of Pain.

No, we are not watching a VHS tape from 1988.  They are really opening a show in 2012!

Smash and The Barbarian faced off at the bell.  Smash began talking trash but was nailed with a series of right hands.  They exchanged chops and punches. 

They went for a knuckle lock test of strength and both went to kick each other low at the same time.  Barbarian worked over Smash's arm.  Ax tagged in, as did Warlord.

The crowd began chanting for Demolition.    Ax grabbed a headlock and was sent into the ropes.  He nailed a shoulderblock.  All four began brawling in the ring and then went to the floor before battling back into the ring.  Ax grabbed a chair and drilled Barbarian over the back.

Your winners by DQ, the Powers of Pain!

They continued battling back and forth until Demolition cleared the ring with chairs.

Not much in the way of great wrestling but it was fun nostalgia.

The crowd actually chanted for "Five More Minutes." Maybe in 2025?

The Big O vs. ?

O's opponent was a heel wearing a robe that said "God's gift."  O is the big muscled up guy from the Zack Ryder web series.  He came out with former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro, of all people.

O overpowered Mr. Gift early several times.   Gift grabbed a headlock but was sent off into the ropes.  O leapfrogged him and nailed an hiptoss and a dropkick that sent Gift out of the ring.

On the floor, Gift grabbed Massaro by the hair.  O went to help her but was nailed low and sent into the guardrail.   Gift rolled O back into the ring for a two count.

Gift nailed a series of elbows on the floor.   O began nailing shots to the mid-section to make a comeback but was stopped.  Gift went for a suplex but was small packaged for a two count.

Gift nailed a leg lariat out of nowhere for a two count.   He went to the top rope but missed a dive.  The crowd clapped for O to make a comeback.  He nailed a big backdrop and drilled him with a clothesline that sent Gift spinning into the air.

Gift caught O with a DDT for a two count.   O nailed a sidewalk slam for a two count.

Your winner, The Big O!

Ashley Massaro slapped Gift after the match.

Reality Check's Devon Moore and PWS champion Kevin Matthews came to the ring.   Matthews bragged about winning the belt at the last show.  He introduced Velvet Sky, who was now part of the group.  Sky asked the crowd if they missed her.   Matthews said that people in the back have said that he couldn't beat Sami Callihan fairly and wasn't man enough to beat him alone.

Sami Callihan came to the ring and said if he has to hear Matthews say one more word, he'd going to blow his brains out.  He said they keep talking and talking and he keeps getting upset.  He said that it took all of Reality Check and duck taping Sami to the ropes for Kevin to climb a ladder and win the belt.  Matthews mocked him for crying about losing the belt.  

They got in each other's faces and started screaming.  The Saved By the Bell theme played and out came Mr. Belding.  He got a HUGE standing ovation and the crowd chanted for him.  Belding said he's going to deal with Reality Check in a second but wanted to say it was a pleasure to be with real wrestling fans at a real wrestling show.  He said he was happy to see Lex Luger here and that Jerry Lawler was still with us and went into his character going "Hey hey hey!"  He listened to their problems and said that they needed a guest enforcer for their match tonight - himself.

Belding then told Devon Moore he was going to wrestle right now.  Out came Necro Butcher!

Necro began tossing chairs into the ring and chased Moore out.

Necro Butcher vs. Devon  Moore

Moore went for a kick but was caught and tossed over the top to the floor.   Necro rammed Moore into the ringpost nuts first and then slammed him with a chair on the floor.    Necro chopped Moore hard in the chest.

They battled on the floor with some weapons.   Kevin Matthews, who was sent to the back, returned to ringside as Moore crotched Necro with the ropes as Butcher followed him back into the ring.  Moore nailed a legdrop off the top.    Moore went for a slam but Necro nailed a series of elbows to the back and went for an airplane spin.  Moore slipped out and superkicked Necro.

Moore nailed a top rope elbow but Necro moved.   Necro went for a double underhook suplex but Matthews got on the apron with a barbed wire bat.  Necro chased him off and grabbed the bat.   He went to the top as a "We want blood" chant started.   Matthews grabbed his leg, allowing Moore to strike him with a chair to the head.  He slammed him off the top onto a chair, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Devon Moore!

Good brawl.  The Belding angle was super over live with the 500-600 fans here.  Who would have thunk it?

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