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By Trent Van Drisse on 2012-09-14 08:10:08

Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for September 12th, 2012. This was a newsworthy show that saw Crimson win the OVW Heavyweight title, marking his first taste of gold in OVW. Also Alex Silva won the OVW TV title at this taping, and another TNA Gut Check winner, Sam Shaw, made his OVW debut tonight in a post taping dark match, which I did not see.

Ron Hed & Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers tonight. Terry Boddie was the ring announcer. The attendance was again only around 100, but they were much more responsive tonight than they've been in general lately, which always makes any show seem better.

1. Rob Terry beat Eddie Diamond w/Timmy Danger

Dark match, and along those lines Rob Terry was looking more tan than usual tonight. Terry won with a swinging sidewalk slam.

2. OVW Women's champion Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic beat Jessie Belle in a non title match

Also a dark match. Dylan Bostic still has his left shoulder in a sling, as a result of an injury suffered in the Nightmare Rumble. Quite an outfit worn by Miss. Hendrix tonight. Both ladies went for a bunch of near falls right away, and Hendrix then won this brief bout with her feet on the ropes. Not sure what the point of this one was.

3. The Mobile Homers(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) w/Brittany DeVore beat The Best Team Ever(Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz) in a non title match

This was the start of the TV taping. The Mobile Homers seemed sober again this week, but of course had their trusty "Rocket fuel" handy at ringside. Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz are the current OVW Southern tag team champions, but there appears to be some internal problems within the team, though the hints about it given have been on the somewhat subtle side thus far. All Mobile Homers early, until Jessie Godderz pitched Adam Revolver over the top rope, behind the refs back. Revolver then took the heat. The finish saw Ted McNaler catapult Switchblade into Godderz in the corner, and then pin switchblade with a roll up. So a non title win for the Mobile Homers here.

Terry Boddie interviewed James "Moose" Thomas & Michael Hayes backstage. Moose & Hayes want a shot at the tag titles. Heck, they already received one and came up short.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage...The Mobile Homers were preparing to drink some "Rocket fuel", but Brittany DeVore forbid it, saying they must train to win the tag team titles. Huh??? They just beat the champs non title, this made no sense.

Terry Boddie then attempted to interview Jason Wayne backstage, but all Wayne did was again intimidate and humiliate Boddie.

Crimson came to the ring and bragged about winning the Nightmare Rumble, even with a bum knee, to become the #1 contender for the OVW heavyweight title. He was lying the knee part. He then called Rob Terry out to clear up some "rumors", and mentioned that Terry was the best man at his wedding. Terry asked Crimson where he was last week. Crimson told a cock-n-bull story about having a flat on his Cadillac. Crimson blamed all the stories about him trying to play Terry for a fool on OVW Heavyweight champion "Smooth" Johnny Spade, and asked Spade to come out. Spade came out, and like last week, again questioned why Terry was falling for all of Crimson's obvious BS. Crimson asked Spade if he would give him his title shot tonight, which was scheduled to be held at the October 6th Saturday Night Special, and then Rob Terry can face the winner of Spade vs Crimson tonight on October 6th instead. All parties agreed to this, and it went down without any authority figure intervention, which seemed odd. OVW has fallen into the habit lately of changing the dates of scheduled title matches, usually moving them up. The booking here has not been especially focused the past few months in general.

Taeler Hendrix was backstage yelling at Dylan Bostic yet again. Heidi Lovelace walked up to them and told Hendrix she had secured a shot at the OVW Women's title. Hendrix stormed off with Bostic in tow.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Josette Bynum, who is the assistant to director of authority Trailer Park Trash here, and has been trying to poison and/or booby trap him for weeks, and always failing, offered TPT a piping hot cup of coffee. TPT was reluctant to try it, but then did, and said it was good, and had a distinctive flavor. Bynum then ran from the room screaming. Huh??? Everyone in the arena missed what the punchline of this one was supposed to be, I know I did.

4. Alex Silva beat Ryan Howe to win the OVW TV Title

An exciting, fast paced, back and forth match here while it lasted, which wasn't especially long. Silva won it with his "Silva Surfer" running knee finisher, which marks his third time winning the OVW TV title. Sort of an out of the blue result here. So much for Alex Slvia setting his sights higher in OVW, as he had promised months ago, at least for now. This ended what as an undistinguished TV title reign for Ryan Howe.

Chris Silvio and Mary Jane the hula hoop girl came to the ring. It was really red all around Silvio's left eye, I'm not sure if it was an injury, or make up. Looked bad if it was an injury. Silvio was wearing handcuffs around one wrist, and talked about a match he has upcoming against his longtime nemesis Cliff Compton in E-Town, Kentucky this Saturday, but Silvio challenged Compton to come out and fight him now as well. Compton didn't come out, so Silvio handcuffed himself to the top rope, and it was only then that Compton did come out, wearing street clothes. Compton told Silvio that he was ridiculous to handcuff himself to the rope. Compton said he wasn't afraid of Silvio, but then went out and grabbed Terry Boddie's chair, knocking Boddie out of it in the process. Before Compton could do any damage however, Mo Green came from under the ring with a chair of his own, and gave Compton a weak chair shot to the back, which Compton wisely mostly no sold. Compton then grabbed Mary Jane, and time stood still, and I mean really stood still while Silvio struggled to unlock the handcuffs, which he finally did, but this wasn't a case of better late than never. This segment started out somewhat decently, but man did it ever fizzle out and die a hard death by the end. Yeesh.

5. Crimson beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade to win the OVW Heavyweight title

TV main event time. Lots of brawling on the floor early here. Back in the ring, Crimson took control of the match, but Spade answered back with a tornado DDT. Spade went for a Swanton, but Crimson got his knees up, barely grazing him. Crimson in control again, but Spade gabbed him in a Gogoplata submission hold, but couldn't get Crimson to tap. Spade was warming up his superkick finisher when The Wildcards(Shiloh Jones & Raul Lamotta) ran out in street clothes. While Lamotta distracted referee Chris Sharpe, Shiloh Jonze hit Spade, his one time championship tag team partner, in the back of the head with brass knucks, which allowed Crimson to win the match, and the OVW title.

The match was alright, and I liked that I had no idea who would win, or no guess on what the finish would be. Crimson has been gassing up the disgruntled Wildcards here for a few weeks, so it made sense that they helped him cheat to win the title. Crimson looks and carries himself like a star, but a lack of intensity hurts him. He wasn't especially strong in the earlier in ring talking segment tonight either. Seemed like he wasn't that into it or something.

So for now it looks like it will be Crimson defending the OVW title against Rob Terry on October 6th, but who knows at this point? You used to be able to count on OVW delivering matches when they said they would, it was one of their hallmarks, but that hasn't been the case so much lately, which more than kinda sucks I think.

This marks the first time in OVW that all TNA signed talent holds the titles here, except for Rudy Switchblade, who co-holds the tag titles with Jessie Godderz. A decent show this week overall. Send any feedback to  

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