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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-13 10:00:00

Growing up I use to buy many wrestling magazines over the years. From Sports Review Wrestling to my favorite Ring Wrestling. Now there are but a few still published today. Why is that? What was the reason for great magazines to slowly fade into history? Have you ever been asked to write for a certain wrestling magazine?

Unfortunately, print media has been badly hurt by the online medium. I actually loved the old magazines and still enjoy looking at them for historical reasons, but the reason so many have folded is easy - financially, they stopped making money. I did some writing for Total Wrestling Magazine in Great Britain about 7-8 years ago, but beyond that, I haven't sought out that sort of work. PWInsider is my priority and I have some other writing projects on the side.

First, CM Punk attacks the Rock, which was met with some boos, but not the intended disgust from the fans. Then he attacks Jerry Lawler, which I guess was supposed to inspire instant hatred amongst fans, and he still gets cheered. Now in his hometown, he "took the night off" and ended up attacking Cena (which is not going to elicit any boos) and leaves with Paul Heyman, which again didn't elicit any boos. So, is it just me, or is the WWE turning CM Punk heel backfiring at every turn? I guess we'll find out for sure at NoC when Punk goes to Beantown.

I think there's obviously a segment of the audience that doesn't want to boo Punk but it's too soon to say the entire angle has backfired. I do think that WWE needs to give the audience a better, more compelling reasoning as to why Punk is suddenly a cowardly, manipulative heel champion, however.

Wrestlemania 20, Lesnar vs Goldberg was supposed to be huge but they took forever to start the match, almost like they didn't know what to do which made the match suck, have you heard anything on what happened because they stood there for minutes looking like idiots!

They were just letting the fans chant, since the audience was pissed at both of them as they were leaving, but especially Brock Lesnar.

Is there any possibility that WWE could acquire any of the Knockouts that departed from TNA since Summer? All of them have been dodging the big question and I'm sure they would come clean to their fans in regards to what's next for them by now, and certainly the WWE notices this trend.

All of the departed Knockouts would be free to sign with WWE if the company wanted them.

Is it just me or does it seem odd that Joey Ryan is going after Al Snow? Al Snow actually said yes to giving him a contract, shouldn't he actually be going after Taz or Prichard? I know the latter two aren't actually in the position to wrestle, so why did they not start it off with Al Snow saying No? Would of made much more sense.

I think the idea was that Al was willing to give him a job and is now disgusted by all of Ryan's antics.

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