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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-11 10:01:22

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If WWE had paid off the World Wildlife Fund much earlier, like right after the lawsuit, would it have made any sense to go back to the WWF name? or would they have not been able to do that?

If they hadn't violated the terms of the deal they wouldn't had an issue.  Once they did, they weren't going to settle because if they were going to they wouldn't have violated them in the first place!

During some sick time I went back and watch a lot of ROH, CZW, and IWA mid south from 2002-2004. I feel that time was the best time of the indies in the past decade and seeing some of the workers back then got me wondering a couple things. Since you gentlemen were watching a lot of these companies back, who did you feel from this indie era should have gotten but never got a big break in WWE or TNA. The two people I feel were one Colt Cabana (don’t need to say much that hasn’t already been said), and the other was Trent Acid. Of all the wrestlers who never got the break I thing Trent was the only one who had that big league personality that would have made a big mark. And on the other side of the fence, who did you watch back then that you thought was going make and thinking today “WTF was I thinking”. My choice there is Teddy Hart, while Teddy has an amazing aerial ability his promos were incredibly incoherent and to be honest he was one of the worst sellers of moves I've ever seen. Thank you PWINSIDER for all your hard work.

I agree with you on Colt.  I still have no idea why WWE never could find anything for him.  Acid was too small to make it in WWE, plus he had outside issues.  Hart was just too unpredictable.  The reasons you mentioned about him are exactly why he was an indy guy.  Unfortunately for them, those kinds of weaknesses are why most indy guys never make it.  To be fair, WWE wastes guys that have most or all of the tools so it's hard for guys who have holes in their overall game.

While everything I've read points to Matt Morgan being permanently gone from TNA and WWE bound, is there any chance he's still really with TNA and will be revealed as a member of Ace's and Eights? Also, while we've seen Gunner's career take shape, whatever became of the other guy that was paired with him in the beginning, Murphy?

His contract definitely expired.  If he were to come back now it would be on a new deal.  It's not a case of them doing a long term plan in this case.  As for Murphy, he has been working indies trying to improve last I heard.

What's latest update on WWE Main Event on Ion TV on 10/3? Live or TV taping?

It is still on.  Last I heard it will be a TV taping. Since it's a Wednesday it would be a real strain for WWE to do it live.  I also would think ION would want to see the product before it aired.

The UFC recently cancelled a PPV event for the first time in its history. Has WWE ever cancelled or come close to cancelling a PPV before?

They never canceled one as it got close but they did remove them from the schedule over the years.  The one that they should have canceled was the night that Owen Hart died in 1999.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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