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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-10 09:59:00

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I spent all night watching awesome Steiner brothers matches. When I hear people talk about greatest teams ever I hear The Road Warriors, Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation. But rarely the Steiners. Why do you think they go unmentioned so much and should they be in the Hall of Fame?

Honestly, I think it means you are talking to the wrong people! Anyone who talks about the all time great teams and doesn't put the Steiners in the conversation just doesn't know what they are talking about.  They were awesome and absolutely are first ballot Hall Of Famers.

Does TNA even have a plan as to who the Aces-n-Eights will be unveiled to be, or is it just booking on the fly? I think it has the potential to become the same sort of cluster**** WCW's Black Scorpion storyline became back in the day, with a huge build-up and a lame payoff booked at the last minute.

Almost everything in wrestling that is built up to be big has the potential to fail but yes, TNA has a plan for the group.  When it all unfolds you can decide whether it's a good thing.

I was watching an old ECW match and in my eyes, it was way better than any match I have seen in recent time. I been a fan for 34 years and I don't get excited about the sport like i did back then. To me, the whole breaking kayfabe ruined wrestling. Whats' your opinion?

I don't think kayfabe had anything to do with it.  The ECW fans all knew the business was a work but they didn't care because in its prime the product was written intelligently and the talent worked very hard.  The reason WWE matches are what they are is that the company has made a decision to deemphasize the sports aspect of the business to focus more on the entertainment, and they don't do that well.  There are still great matches to be seen in places like TNA, ROH, Dragon Gate, EVOLVE, etc.  It's the WWE product that is turning its back on the long time fans.

Obviously we don't know what the ultimate plan is for the AJ Lee storyline, but do you think the 9/3 show was a missed opportunity? After having talent leave her and then Vickie abusing her, would it have been better to use this as a chance to bring in new talent instead of AJ having a breakdown? She could have presented herself as a stronger character by acknowledging the superstars that have left, but then stating that they were replaceable by the likes of Kassious Ohno, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, etc. With Vickie, instead of crying, she could have confidently stated that she did not personally need to become physical with, and introduced a new diva like Page or, preferably, Sara Del Rey. I just feel it was a missed opportunity to bring in new talent and and develop the AJ character.

See above.  WWE missing opportunities all the time and in their zeal to capitalize on AJ's popularity as something different they have really hurt her by making her generic in the GM role.  As for their stories, they have largely sucked for a while now, creating apathy among viewers.  Losing almost a half million viewers in hour three of Raw last week, against no competition, should send them a very clear message but sadly it probably won't.  It will be very interesting to see how they do against Monday Night Football tonight, and the season premiere of The Voice.  It could be an ugly fall for WWE.

With suspect creative threads and poor story lines rampant in the WWE are the days of a strong GM running RAW and SD over?

I only wish that were the case.  Vince McMahon loves the GM concept so I don't expect it to go anywhere, even though it's beyond tired.  There is a lot of talk that they will bring Ric Flair in to fill the role on both shows.  That makes a lot of sense since they are marketing to kids who have no idea who Flair even is!

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