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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-09 08:00:00

September 9th

On this day in history in ....

1967 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeats Gorilla Monsoon in a Texas Death match at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

1980 - The Samoans defeat Tony Garea & Rene Goulet in a tournament final for the WWWF World Tag Team Title in Allentown, Pennsylvania, starting their second title run. The titles had been vacated when Pedro Morales & Bob Backlund defeated The Samoans, but Backlund was unable to defend the tag belts due to being WWWF World Heavyweight Champion.

1986 - Dusty Rhodes defeats Arn Anderson for the NWA Television Title in Columbia, South Carolina, starting his third reign with the belt.

1991 - Ric Flair wrestles his first match for the WWF following his departure from WCW the previous July. He defeats Jim Powers at a WWF Television taping in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

1993 - Shane Douglas won the ECW Heavyweight Title via forfeit from Tito Santana. In truth, this was a "phantom" title change, as the supposed show in Roanoke, Virginia where Douglas vs. Santana was to have taken place never really existed.

2000 - Rhino defeats Kid Kash in Mississauga, Ontario to become the last ECW Television Champion, as he would hold the title until the company officially shuts down in April 2001.

2002 - On an edition of Raw from Ames, Iowa, Rob Van Dam defeats The Big Show, Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho in an elimination match to earn a title match with World Champion Triple H at Unforgiven. Show was disqualified with the referee caught him with a chair (which Show actually grabbed away from Jericho). Jericho pinned Hardy with a Lionsault after shoving Hardy off the top rope. Van Dam pinned Jericho with the five star frog splash after ramming him into an exposed turnbuckle (that Jericho had pulled the cover off of).

2003 - At a Smackdown taping in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated John Cena in a Parking Lot Brawl with a frog splash off the roof of a van onto Cena, who was laid out on the hood of a car. Also on the show, Stephanie McMahon was forced to wrestle Brock Lesnar by her father, Vince McMahon. The match, which wasn't much of a bout, quickly ended in a no-contest when Kurt Angle attacked Lesnar and Stephanie hit low blows on both Lesnar and her father.

2008 - Kurt Angle was found not guilty of driving under the influence and careless driving today in an Allegheny County, PA courtroom.  Judge David Cashman made the ruling in a non-jury trial on charges filed Sept. 28.  Angle had been arrested for DUI after a witness filed a complaint.  Angle's lawyer challenged the use of the witness since police couldn't corroborate her claims.

2008 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi.  Mike Odd filed the following TV report:

The show begins with a video package of the ECW Championship scramble match at Unforgiven.

ECW comes to us from Milwaukee, WI; our announcers are Todd Grisham and Matt Striker. They introduce our new ECW World Champion, Matt Hardy. He thanks the fans and says winning the title is a dream come true. He says that by winning the title he's unlocked his destiny. He's not happy just being the ECW champion, he wants to be the greatest champion ever. He is interrupted by Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. Mark Henry says that Matt Hardy has his title and he wants a rematch. Tony Atlas tells Matt Hardy that if he ever lays his hands on him again there will be problems between them. Henry then attacks Hardy but Hardy fights him off and hits The Twist of Fate on Tony Atlas. Our main event tonight will be Finlay and Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry and Mike Knox. We go to commercial.

Match # 1
Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison

As Evan Bourne comes to the ring they show clips from the tag match on Raw last night. John Morrison comes to the ring with The Miz. The match starts with a lock up. Morrison with a hammerlock into a snapmare. Evan Bourne with a headlock. Morrison rams him into the corner. Morrison with an Irish Whip. Bourne jumps over the top rope and attempts a Sunset Flip. Morrison blocks the Sunset Flip and Bourne hits a spinning heel kick for a 2 count. Evan Bourne with kicks. Morrison brushes him off and begins stomping. Morrison with a headlock. Morrison comes off the ropes then gets hit by a dropkick. Morrison falls outside the ring. Bourne hits a hurancanrana on the floor. We go to commercial.

We're back and Evan Bourne is punching John Morrison in the corner. He rushes Morrison in the corner, Morrison moves, he catches himself on the 2nd rope and The Miz knocks him off. Morrison with a chinlock, Evan Bourne fights out. Morrison throws him into the ropes and Bourne attempts a cross body block which Morrison avoids and dropkicks Bourne to the outside. Morrison joins him outside and drops Bourne on the barricade. Morrison puts Bourne back in the ring then kicks him in the head before getting back into the ring himself. Morrison gets a 2 count.

Morrison with a headlock, Evan Bourne fights out. Evan Bourne with kicks. Evan Bourne attempts a hurricanrana. Morrison catches him and throws him onto the ropes for a 2 count. Morrison with yet another headlock. Evan Bourne attempts to fight out but Morrison hits a backbreaker followed by a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Morrison gets a 2 count. Morrison with an armlock and throws Evan Bourne out of the ring. Morrison with kicks to Bourne's ribs and throws Bourne back into the ring for a 2 count. Morrison with another armlock. Evan Bourne tries to fight out but Morrison hits him with a quick backbreaker for a 2 count.

He gets Evan Bourne in another chinlock, Bourne fights out again. Punches and kicks by Bourne. Morrison hits a punch and knocks Bourne to the ground. Morrison attempts a couple clotheslines but each time is met with kicks. Evan Bourne with a running hurricanrana. Bourne with an elbow in the corner and a back kick for 2. Bourne with another hurricanrana into a pin for 2. Bourne with a kick followed by the standing moonsault which Morrison blocks with his feet. Morrison hits a kick for a 2 count, drags Bourne into the corner and attempts Starship Pain.

Bourne goes to the top, Miz gets on the apron, Bourne jumps off at The Miz. Morrison hits a big kick, drags Bourne back into the ring and gets the 3 count.

Winner - Morrison

They recap the Finlay/Mike Knox situation over the past few weeks. We go to commercial.

Match # 2
"The All American American" Jack Swagger vs. Josh Daniels

Jack Swagger starts the match with a thrown on the much smaller Josh Daniels. They lock up. Swagger with a headlock; Daniels gets to the ropes. Daniels punches Swagger. Swagger responds with a gut wrench suplex and mounts him for punches. Swagger hits a sidewalk slams and gets a 2 count. Swagger rams Daniels into the corner. Swagger hits a slam that Striker calls a Blue Thunder Bomb (a back suplex that turns into a sit out powerbomb) for the pin.

Winner - Jack Swagger

Finlay, Hornswaggle, and Matt Hardy are shown backstage walking. Ricky Ortiz stops them and gives them a rally towel which Hornswaggle happily plays with. We go to commercial.

Match # 3
Mark Henry and Mike Knox vs. Matt Hardy and Finlay

  Match starts with Hardy and Henry.  Henry powers Hardy into the corner.  Hardy fights out, hits a few punches, and tries in vain to knock Henry over.  Hardy stays on the offense until Henry hits him with a clothesline.  Henry puts Hardy into the corner, hits him a few times, then throws him into the other corner and gets a 2 count.  Matt Hardy with a few punches then drops Mark Henry onto the top rope.  Matt Hardy with punches, Mark Henry continues to push him away.  Matt Hardy goes for a cross body block off the 2nd rope; Mark Henry catches him and throws him to the mat.  Mark Henry hits a big elbow drop and stands on Matt Hardy's chest.  Mark Henry puts Matt Hardy into the corner and runs into him.  Henry goes for another big elbow but Matt Hardy moves.  We go to commercial.

We're back and Mike Knox has Matt Hardy in a headlock.  Hardy fights out, tags Finlay, and Finlay comes in with multiple clotheslines for a 2 count.  Finlay rams Knox into the corner and then hits a rollover fireman slam.  Knox hits Finlay with an elbow, goes for a sunset flip which Finlay blocks and clotheslines Mike Knox over the top rope.  Finlay follows him out, hits Knox's head on the ring a couple of times, and throws him back in.  Knox kicks Finlay as he's coming back into the ring and pulls Finlay over to Mark Henry before tagging him in.  Henry with stomps to Finlay.  Henry with a chinlock.  Henry tags in Mike Knox and they double shoulder block Finlay.  Knox stays on top of Finlay and hits a knee to the back of Finlay's skull for a 2 count.  Mike Knox with a headlock just keeping Finlay out of his corner.  Finlay fights back but still stops short of tagging in Matt Hardy.  Mike Knox gets him in a headlock before giving him a short arm clothesline.  Knox goes for a knee drop, Finlay moves and tags in Matt Hardy.  Hardy with punches to Knox followed by clotheslines.  Matt Hardy hits a bulldog off the 2nd rope for a 2 count.  Matt Hardy hits the side effect.  Matt Hardy hits a moonsault for a 2 count which Mark Henry breaks up.  Hornswoggle runs in the ring.  While the ref's distracted, Finlay hits Henry with the shillelagh.  Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate for the 3 count.

  Winners - Matt Hardy and Finlay  

Post match Hardy, Finlay, and Hornswaggle are celebrating in the ring while Henry, Knox and Atlas walk backwards up the ramp as we go to credits.

2009 - "The Wrestler" actor Mickey Rourke was voted International Man Of The Year at the GQ Awards yesterday in London.

2010 - WWE broadcast an episode of WWE Superstars.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We start off tonight’s show with the Raw brand and your announcers are Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.

Match Number One: R Truth versus William Regal

Before the match starts, Regal demands the mic and he asks Sunshine if he thinks he is clever. Regal says that anyone can rap. He says that it is incredibly easy. Truth lays out a challenge. Regal asks for a beat and he says “I’m William Regal, God Save the Queen. An English brawler and the ladies’ dream. A real tormentor with a trifle of dash. He spent three bloody hours learning this and I forgot this.” He returns to the rap and continues with “A real tormentor with a trifle of dash. A man of fine manners who likes to bash. You besmirch my name, you’ll pay the price. I’ll mark you up because I’m the king of vice. You’ve got more grenades than the Jersey Shore, but I’m the situation to set the score.”

Truth does the Truth shimmy before they lock up. Regal with a forearm out of the corner but Truth with punches and kicks before he puts Regal in a side head lock and Truth with a take down but Regal with a rollup for a near fall. Truth with a head scissors and side head lock take down but Truth almost gets rolled up. Truth with a shoulder tackle and a near fall. Truth with a punch followed by a monkey flip. Truth with a punch and he sends Regal into the turnbuckles. Truth goes to the turnbuckles for punches. Truth with a clothesline for a near fall. Regal with forearms to Truth followed by an Irish whip but Truth with a float over and split followed by a drop kick that sends Regal to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Regal with a full nelson on Truth. We see Regal working on Truth’s back during the commercial break. Truth tries to get out of the hold and he eventually escapes and tries for a sunset flip but Regal does not go over and he puts Truth in a front face lock before returning to the full nelson. Regal with forearms across the face for a near fall. Regal with a nerve hold and Truth with elbows to escape but Regal with an uppercut. Regal and Truth exchange punches and Truth with clotheslines and a hip toss. Truth misses the axe kick but Truth is able to reverse an inside cradle to get the three count.

Winner: R Truth

It is time to take a look back at the season premiere of NXT.

Goldust is walking in the back with Aksana and Gail Kim. We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Gail Kim and Goldust with Aksana versus Jillian and Primo with AJ

The men start off and they lock up with Goldust working on the arm but Primo with a knee and punch. Goldust with a leaping butt bump and then he slingshots Primo into the ropes and onto his knees. Gail tags in and she connects with a forearm and kick followed by a clothesline into the corner. Jillian with a punch but Gail with a splash onto Jillian. Primo moves Jillian out of the way and Gail with a missile drop kick to Primo. Goldust pulls Primo out and Gail with a clothesline for a near fall. Primo pulls the ropes and Gail goes to the floor. Jillian sends Gail back into the ring and gets a near fall. Jillian stands on Gail’s hair and then kicks Gail in the back. Gail wit ha float over but Jillian with an Alabama Slam and she gets a near fall. Jillian with a knee to the back of the head. Jillian with a forearm and then she tries for a power bomb but Gail punches Jillian and hits a rana that sends Jillian into the ropes.

The men tag back in and Goldust with clotheslines followed by the drop down uppercut and then he hits a reverse atomic drop. Goldust with a bulldog for a near fall. Goldust punches Primo in the corner but Primo with an Irish whip but Goldust with a power slam. The cover is broken up by Jillian and Jillian slaps Goldust. Gail with Eat Defeat to Jillian and Goldust with the Final Cut to Primo for the three count.

Winner: Goldust and Gail Kim

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Smackdown half of the show and your announcers are Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

Match Number Three: Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer versus Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft

Croft and Archer start things off and they lock up and Archer sends Croft into the corner. Croft fights out of the corner but Archer with a big boot and then he punches Caylen. Hawkins tags in and they send Croft into the turnbuckles and hits a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Hawkins with a kick to the head and then he chokes Croft in the ropes. Archer with a kick to the head and Hawkins with a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Archer tags in and he hits a leg drop to the back of the head. Archer with a short arm clothesline and he gets a near fall. Archer with a rear chin lock but Croft with a punch. Archer with an overhead suplex for a near fall. Archer with a slam and then he puts Croft in a reverse chin lock. Croft escapes a suplex attempt and he tags in Trent. Trent with a back elbow to Hawkins on the apron and then he punches Archer. Trent with a slide into the corner and then he hits a knee and a Yakuza kick for a near fall.

Hawkins breaks up the cover but Croft sends Hawkins to the floor. Archer with a shoulder tackle to Croft but Trent comes off the top and Archer catches him. Croft pushes Archer into the ropes and that allows Trent to hit a tornado DDT for the three count.

Winners: Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look at Legendary.

We go through the card for Night of Champions.

We see footage from last week’s handicap match between Big Show and the Straight Edge Society followed by CM Punk’s GTS to Luke Gallows.

Luke says that he is better than everyone. He says that he is better because he is straight edge. Tonight is a big night for the Straight Edge Society because he reaffirms his position as CM Punk’s straight edge enforcer. He is going to cut the fat. He is going to singlehandedly dismantle the world’s biggest athlete.

Match Number Four: Luke Gallows with Joseph Mercury versus Big Show

Gallows circles around Show and then Show blocks a kick and connects with a few chops. Show punches Luke in the ribs and then kicks him in the ribs. Show with a snap mare and then he stands on Luke’s chest. Luke goes to the floor and Show with a baseball slide. Show with a shhhh chop against the ringside barrier. Show with another chop and then Luke with a kick and punches as Show returns to the ring. Show with punches that lift Luke off his feet. Show with a biel and it is time for the right hand and Luke goes down land Show with the three count.

Winner: Big Show

After the match, Show says that the only fat trimming in the WWE Universe is going to be him getting rid of the SES. He wishes them luck before leaving the ring.

2011 -

Frank Talent, a well known member of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission going back decades who was a regular fixture at professional wrestling events, passed away at the age of 74 from brain cancer.

Mike Johnson penned the following....Talent was quite a character and I mean that in the nicest sense of the word. The best way to describe him is that he was like that goofy but caring grandfatherly figure that everyone meets at some point in their life.

Since at least the 1980s, but likely longer, Talent attended the majority of professional wrestling events promoted in Philadelphia acting as a Commission Representative. He would be seen sitting ringside and would often get into the act, giving static to heels as Talent "got" what the business was supposed to be.

A few times during the 80s, Talent even ended up ring announcing WWF matches at the Spectrum. He was pretty awful at it and one had to wonder if he did it just because he knew he could get away with it, but that was Talent. I can distinctly remember him once introducing Roddy Piper and hugging him in the Spectrum while Piper had this look on his face wondering who the hell this was.

During the post-ECW independent explosion in the early part of this decade, Talent became a more well known personality in front of the fans, often making announcements pointing out celebrities who were attending the shows and issuing "official edicts" when shows were delayed, etc.

Talent was one of those eccentric characters you took for granted as always being around. He was seemingly everywhere at every show and if he wasn't, you took a mental note that it seemed strange he wasn't lurking at ringside.

I noted earlier that Talent "got" what the business was supposed to be and that was an important asset for shows he was covering. Often, Talent would give pre-show instructions to the different locker rooms at events, reminding them of what was expected by the State, but for the most part, as long as the performers weren't being too reckless, he would let things go. The lone exception would be that he wouldn't allow any spitting out of the ring towards the audience. But beyond that, within reason, he would allow things to go and allow the promotions to do their thing.

One thing that always amused me was that Talent seemingly had an endless list of friends that he would visit whenever there were shows. Whenever I was set up doing coverage for live shows on one of the stages or balconies of the ECW Arena, which have been converted into "VIP" areas in recent years, Talent would show up visiting different families he personally knew that were in those areas, bringing talent for visits and autographs. If Talent asked for a favor, the wrestlers were quick to do it, since he commanded respect in his position and was pretty much well liked by the workers.

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