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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-09-08 18:16:58
We start off this week’s show with a look at footage and comments from Steve Corino and the agreement that him and Jimmy Jacobs made to be a part of the Tag Team Tournament. With the attack by the Guardians of Truth and Rhino on Jacobs, Corino, and Steen, what does that mean? Did Corino and Jacobs get some revenge later in the show?

We are live on tape from Baltimore, Maryland and your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.

Match Number One: Mark and Jay Briscoe versus Blk Out (Ruckus and Blk Jeez) in a Tag Team Tournament First Round Match

Mark and Ruckus start things off. They lock up and Mark with a side head lock and Mark with a shoulder tackle. Ruckus with a head scissors and then he hits a springboard forearm and then he runs Mark into the corner. Mark with an elbow and then he chops Jeez. Mark with chops to Ruckus and he tags in Jay. Mark with a baseball slide to Jeez on the floor.

Jay with a running boot to Ruckus. Jay sends Ruckus into the turnbuckles and then he kicks Ruckus. Jay with an Irish whip but he misses a clothesline. Ruckus kicks Jay in the head and he tags in Jeez. Jay with a shoulder tackle. Jeez with a drop kick and Jay goes to the floor. Mark comes in and Jeez with a head scissors that sends Mark to the floor.

Jeez with a flip dive onto the Briscoes. Ruckus hits a running shooting star press off the apron onto the Briscoes and we go to commercial.

We are back and Mark makes the blind tag. Jay sends Jeez into Mark’s boot. Mark with a boot to the head followed by a snap mare. Mark goes to the turnbuckles and he misses a back senton when Jeez moves. Jeez gets a near fall. Jeez takes care of Jay on the apron and then Mark and Jeez exchange punches. Jeez with an Irish whip and Ruckus tags in.

Ruckus with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Jeez tags back in and they hit a Hart Attack on Mark. Ruckus with a Boston Crab and Jeez with a leg drop to the back of the head. Ruckus with a chin lock and Jeez with a drop kick to the head. Jay breaks up the cover. Ruckus tags back in and he connects with a shoulder in the corner followed by a forearm. Ruckus with an Irish whip but Mark with a T-Bone suplex into the turnbuckles and both men are down.

Jay and Jeez tag in and Jey with double sledges to the head and then he kicks Ruckus off the apron. Jay with jabs aplenty followed by a back body drop. Ruckus hits Jay from behind and he Irish whips Jay and hits a handspring back elbow into the corner.

Ruckus tries for a somersault clothesline but Jay catches Ruckus and hits a spinebuster. Jay with a Falcon Arrow to Jeez for a near fall. Jay sends Ruckus to the floor. Jay puts Jeez on the turnbuckles but Jeez with a head scissors take down. Jeez with a running knee into the corner and then Ruckus with a leg lariat. Ruckus power bombs Jeez onto Jay but Jay kicks out at two.

Ruckus takes care of Mark and then Ruckus tags back in. Mark comes back and hits a running drop kick on Jeez while Jay hits a forearm on Ruckus. Jay with a neck breaker and Mark goes up top for the elbow drop and Jay gets the three count.

Winners: Briscoe Brothers

Veda Scott is with Truth Martini in the locker room and she wants to asks Truth about the match between Rhino and Kevin Steen at Death Before Dishonor. Truth promises everyone that we will see a new World Champion.

Veda asks Truth about the problems between Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin. Truth says that she is trying to stir the pot. They are professional athletes and they get hot headed. At the end of the day, they listen to him. She then asks Truth if he is worried about Steen, Jacobs, and Corino trying to get revenge. He says Truth always outnumbers S.C.U.M.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bob Evans has joined Kevin and Nigel at the announce table.

Match Number Two: Mike Sydal versus Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis)

Bennett with a kick. Sydal with a waist lock and drop kick. Sydal with a side head lock but Bennett tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Sydal lands on his feet. Sydal with a head scissors and a running clothesline into the corner. Sydal goes up top but Bennett with a drop kick that knocks Sydal to the floor.

Bennett sends Sydal into the guardrails a few times. Bennett sends Sydal back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Bennett punches Sydal and chops him in the corner. Bennett with some kicks as well. Bennett with a snap mare and a key lock. Sydal with punches but Bennett with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Bennett sets for a piledriver but the referee stops him. Sydal with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Sydal with a matrix move and then he hits a neck breaker. Bennett runs Sydal into the corner but Sydal with knees to Bennett. Sydal with knees to the head from the turnbuckles and then he hits a standing back flip for a near fall.

Bennett with a boot to the head and then Bennett hits the Box Office Smash but he pulls Sydal’s shoulders up instead of getting the three count. Bennett with a Million Dollar Dream on Sydal.

Mike Mondo comes out and he kisses Maria. Bennett releases the hold and he chases Mondo around the ring. The referee makes the twenty count as Bennett chases Mondo to the back.

Winner: Mike Sydal (by count out)

We go to commercial.

We are back and RD Evans joins Nigel and Kevin at the announce table. Evans says that he is now in control of Tommaso Ciampa. Evans calls him the hottest talent in Ring of Honor today.

Match Number Three: Mike Posey versus Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa with a boot to Posey instead of the handshake and then he kicks Posey on the mat. Posey tries for a cross body but Ciampa catches him and Ciampa tosses Posey to the floor. Ciampa goes to the floor and he arranges the mats but Posey rolls back to the ring. Posey drops Ciampa on the top rope and then Posey goes up top.

Posey with a leg lariat for a near fall. Ciampa with a lariat to Posey. Ciampa pulls down the knee pad and he connects with a series of running knees to the head. After four knees Ciampa picks up Posey for Project Ciampa for the three count.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Prince Nana attacks RD Evans at the announce table. Nigel pulls Nana off Evans as the announce table has been destroyed. Ciampa checks on Evans and we go to commercial.

We are back with Inside Ring of Honor.

We talk about the Tag Title Tournament that will end at Death Before Dishonor. In one semifinal match, Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman will face Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. In the other semifinal match, The Briscoes will face Charlie Haas and Rhett Titus.

We are told that Shelton Benjamin will be in the corner of Haas and Titus at Death Before Dishonor.

Charlie Haas says that it is one down and two to go. Shelton will be with him because the suspension is up. Charlie says that Shelton will be his corner man. He does not care if Rhett likes it or not.

Rhett Titus mentions the bombshell about Shelton Benjamin. Rhett says that he doesn’t trust Shelton and he does not like him. He will have his eyes on his opponents and in the back of his head. If either of them try to do something funny, they will find out that he might only be one man, but he can fight like two.

It is time to talk about the other matches on the show. They have added Jay Lethal versus Homicide.

We take a look back at what Jay Lethal did last week to Matt Taven and the referee.

Jay says that some people asked him why he did what he did, but should you be surprised. You can only be pushed and poked so many times before you have to change your attitude. Jay says that his focus is the World Championship. He will face a former World Champion in Homicide in Chicago. He tells Homicide to bring his fork because Jay will bring the main course and he will hand feed Homicide an ass whooping. He will prove that he is the man to take out Kevi We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Michael Elgin (with Truth Martini and The Guardians of Truth) versus Adam Cole for the Ring of Honor Television Title

Elgin defies Truth and follows the Code of Honor. They lock up and Elgin backs Cole into the corner and Elgin with a clean break. Cole with a side head lock and he tries for a shoulder tackle but Elgin does not budge. Elgin and Cole with a series of counters. Elgin blocks an arm drag and tries to hit a power slam but Cole escapes. Cole has a super kick blocked and Elgin misses a spinning back fist.

Cole with a waist lock but Elgin backs Cole into the corner. Cole with punches to Elgin but Elgin pushes Cole away. Cole tries for a rana but Elgin blocks it. Cole with a sunset flip for a near fall. Cole and Elgin alternate near falls.

Cole with a kick but Elgin does not move when Cole tries for an Irish whip. Elgin runs into boots from Cole and Cole with a drop kick from the turnbuckles followed by a running boot to the head for a near fall. Cole with a kick and he tries for a suplex but he cannot get Elgin up. Elgin tries for a power bomb but Cole drops down.

Elgin with a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Elgin with a kick to the back followed by a chop in the corner. They move to another turnbuckle and Elgin chops Cole again. Elgin puts Cole on the turnbuckles and then he tries for a superplex but Cole holds on to the turnbuckles. Cole tries for a sunset flip power bomb but Elgin holds on. Elgin gets put in the turnbuckles and Cole with a lungblower for a near fall.

Cole and Elgin exchange forearms from their knees. Cole gets the advantage when they get to their feet. Elgin with forearms and he goes for a running forearm but Cole tries for a rebound clothesline. Cole with an enzuigiri. Elgin sends Cole to the apron and Cole goes up top for a cross body but Elgin catches Cole. Cole avoids the Buckle Bomb and Cole with a super kick followed by a shoulder breaker for a near fall.

Cole tries for a figure four leg lock but Elgin kicks Cole into the corner. Cole with a sunset flip but Elgin rolls through and he buckle bombs Cole onto the referee.

The Guardians of Truth attack Cole and Elgin sends Cole to the floor to stop the attack by the Guardians.

Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino get to the ring and they go after The Guardians of Truth. Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring and he gets face to face with the man he will meet at Glory By Honor. Steen pushes Elgin and Elgin pushes back. Steen and Elgin exchange punches. Rhino makes his way to the ring and he goes after Steen.

Roderick Strong pulls Elgin aside and then he goes after Rhino. Elgin pulls Strong off Steen and they have some words. Elgin and Strong push each other. The straps are down for Elgin and he stands in the ring with Roderick Strong as we go to credits.

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