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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-09 09:59:00

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What is the big issue if WWE puts the strap back on John Cena. He has done everything WWE has asked of him. He's jobbed to The Rock, Johnny Ace, Kevin Federline, and way too many other people he should have beaten. He deserves another run solely based on those facts. So again, why all the Cena hate? Ric Flair held the strap for a record 16 times and nobody had a problem with that. Why not?

To answer your last question first, it's apples and oranges.  A number of Flair's wins were predicated due to circumstances.  Also, it was a different time when guys were booked as equals so when the titles passed it was deserving guy to deserving guy.  In the case of Cena, he is booked to be better than everyone.  Doubt that?  Well he hasn't had the title all year but still headlines all of the PPVs, over the WWE Champion.  The reason why there is hate for Cena is because he is booked at the expense of the rest of the roster.  That rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  He already is the focal point of Raw.  With the Title, no one else even has a chance of mattering.

Do you think WWE will ever put Owen Hart in the Hall Of Fame?

That solely depends on the wishes of his widow Martha.  Thus far she has made it clear she doesn't want it to happen and WWE respects that.  If she ever changes her mind I think they would do it in a second.

I know there has been some DX DVDs but those were of the most recent DX runs but now that most if not all of the members of DX are either in good standing with WWE or they are employees, do you see WWE doing a DX DVD with a complete story and matches?

The main problem is the porn star white elephant in the room.  WWE produces a TV-PG product and they don't want to associated themselves with Chyna.  You can't blame them there.  Down the road, maybe that will change but for now they view her as toxic.

Ok, so Bully Ray has re-signed with TNA. It's fairly commonly known that the Dudleys view themselves as a package deal. Also, Devon goes on his own Twitter Machine ( that was Bully Gold, btw) and posts a picture of himself with a Raw shirt. Likely more TNA fans follow Devon than actually know about the TNA/WWE lawsuit. How about this? Bully is leading A&8's and Devon comes back to cut a promo after BFG saying that he was going to go up North but couldn't let his brother ruin their reputation, thus pushing him to the top....

They used to be a package deal but they have gotten to the point in their careers where they are no longer a team on camera.  They work as singles now and they negotiated with such with TNA.  I would be happy if they brought Devon back but if that happens it wasn't part of a grand plan.  TNA hasn't even addressed that Devon is gone.

Why do so many people regard Roddy Piper as the greatest of all time on the stick? I think it's misplaced nostalgia due to Piper's Pit being the place where all the big angles unfolded on WWF TV back in the day. Don't get me wrong - as a longtime fan, Piper was and is one of my all-time favorites, but I've always found his mic work rambling and incoherent, even in his heyday.

I think Piper is an all-time great on the mic but I wouldn't say he is the best ever.  There are a number of guys I would put over him.  With that said, while he has been known to ramble a bit in his mic work he has also been extremely entertaining.  Plus, his best work came years ago and with time often comes changes in one's memory.

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