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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-08 10:00:00
With the talk of the Watts library, it made me wonder what other libraries are out there that WWE could still buy?

There are remnants of the Memphis library bouncing around that are said to be owned by various people and I am sure there are masters somewhere from different groups, although no huge collections. The video library I'd personally love to see WWE track down and attempt to purchase, if possible, is the World of Sport series from the UK. Of the more modern day promotions, there are MLW, IWA Mid-South, and conceivably the library as well as ROH and TNA, although whether WWE would be interested in these, if and when they come up for sale, is debatable. However, as more independent promotions film in HD, it will be easier to get a premium for that footage.

Why is it that no one ever mentions King Kong Bundy as a WWE Hall of Famer? He was the challenger that everyone thought could beat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 2! Why isn't he in?

That is a great question. To me, he deserves to be in, so hopefully it will happen.

Whatever happened to former SHIMMER star Lacey?

She moved on from the business.

Will there be a Divas title match at Wrestlemania? I don't recall but was there a Divas championship match at last years Wrestlemania?

Way too soon to say. There was a tag match at last year's Wrestlemania.

Around this time of the year an event is held in the city of Charlotte, NC It is called NWA Legends FanFest. I've attended the event for the last three years and have enjoyed the experience each and every time. Unfortunately the man who stages the event Greg Price was unable to do so due to personel health reasons. It may be none of my business but how is Greg Price doing? Forgive me for asking but is there any chance of the FanFest returning to Charlotte next year?

Price is on the mend. He has already announced plans for the 2013 event in Charlotte for August.

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