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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-06 10:00:00
With all the talk of the ECW documentary, I was concerned there was a conflict of interest in it being written about on Does the site have a piece of the film? Were Mike Johnson and Dave Scherer paid to be in it? How do we know you aren't using the site to promote the film for your own interests?

Neither Dave Scherer nor myself were paid to be in the film. We were invited to be interviewed, set up times and locations and sat down to talk ECW and its legacy for a few hours each. We have no ownership, no pay potential, nothing involved in the film. We get the same amount whether one person or one million people view the film - zero. We simply wrote about it because it looks to be an interesting project.

TNA current angle with ACEs & 8s. Do you think could be possible the Bobby Roode is with As&8s? As U know he can not have a rematch against Aries for TNA WHWC, but the current angle looks like somebody from As&8s will fight Aries for the title and thats where Roode comes up again and win the title to Aries.

It's certainly possible, especially when you factor in that he tried to blame James Storm for the group and has a history of issues with Storm. At one point, Jeff Jarrett was pegged to be involved but plans change. Roode wouldn't be a stretch if the idea was he was hiring a gang of paid thugs.

WWE HHH vs Lesnar legal issue (storyline). What is the current status? Another storyline that went far far far away and nobody will know ever the result of the judges ??

I guess the storyline, which they never explained, was that the lawsuits were dropped in exchange for the match being agreed to.

In the RAW 8/27/12 Punk/Lawler match, at the end when Cena enters the ring and then tends to Lawler, he looks at the ring crew and the show goes mute for a few seconds as he is yelling. Do you know what was being said or any story behind that?

I believe Cena used a naughty word to get over the seriousness of the situation and WWE censored it with their 7 second delay. Nothing more.

What are the rarest WWE DVDs?

The ones that come to mind are The Raw Homecoming, which was only available via Wal-Mart with purchase of a Wrestlemania DVD and a rare FYE version of a Trish Stratus DVD that was only released with a lot print run.

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