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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-03 12:02:31
Kurt Angle worked the weekend shows with a pulled hamstring.  TNA set up six man tags to main event the shows to help Angle work while limiting his ring time.

Some filming for the new British TV show is already underway.

The TNA TV title is expected to quietly disappear for now.  The final champion, Devon, who has left the company, wasted no time posting a photo to Twitter of himself wearing a WWE Raw t-shirt.

The former Luke Gallows was on the road for TNA as an Aces & Eights masked member over the weekend, so he's signed with the company.

TNA will be running TV with a split crew this Thursday as they have a house show in Dalton, GA at the same time as their live Impact Wrestling in Orlando.  Locally advertised for the Georgia house show are Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Crimson, Zema Ion, Miss Tessmacher and Mickie James. 

TNA is also running 9/8 in Gainesville, GA with the same talents as well as AJ Styles, James Storm and Christopher Daniels.  D'Lo Brown will be running a Gutcheck prior to the Gainesville event.

Reality star turned TNA developmental talent Jesse Godderz popped up on CBS' Big Brother last night, returning for the fifth year in a row in some capacity on the series.


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