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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-04 09:59:00

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Do you worry that with TNA's product being so good lately yet, the ratings haven't reflected it, that they will revert back to the bad-booking/writing? I know the 8/23 episode went up in viewership but, it's something I worry about. I just hope they stay the course. I'd have to say for the past 9 months or more, I've looked forward to Impact way more than Raw. And, personally I don't see how anyone could watch both shows and not draw that same conclusion.

I agree with you, TNA has blown Raw away for a while now.  With Vince Russo gone, at least they would be hard-pressed to go back to his brand of lunacy if they wanted to change directions.  With that said, I think that they will stay the course.  People in the company know that the product has been good and they have already seen that the crazy way of booking that they have used in the past hasn't exactly done gangbusters.  So I am not worried at this point.  I am hopeful that they won't take a step backward.

Do you think WWE tries to hard to be "Hollywood?" I don't mean that as in trying to be so "scripted" or whatever. I mean in the sense that they try to make themselves look cool by showing interactions with any celebrity or anything that has to do with celebrities. Just sometimes, I see these video packages and they come off as, "the kid who tries to hard to fit in." They used to make it out like it was the celebrities who were privileged to be in WWE. Now they act, like they are the ones who are privileged that a celebrity has anything to do with them. I think it comes off kind of weak if you ask me. It's like they make a big deal about any celebrity or any main stream attention. I understand wanting main-stream attention but, don't come-off like your basically begging for it. Do you get that feeling?

I feel the same way that you do.  When they do all of that non-wrestling stuff it is obviously their way of showing that they are more than just "rasslin".  I have always felt it was perfectly fine to just be about Rasslin but Vince McMahon has always wanted to be about entertainment.  To me it's a shame that he seemingly doesn't appreciate the beauty of the business when it's done properly.

I swear, when I see Damien Sandow, it seems like Vince McMahon has a "hard-on" for telling him and Michael Cole to say the word "masses" referring to the people as much as they can. Why? Also, it's like WWE is so set on wanting to show us how educated their wrestlers are these days. It's a good thing that the guys are educated but, it's like all of the promos not just for Sandow, that they wanna throw these "phrases" or "educated words" in them. And, it comes off as they do it just to show that, "Hey, our wrestlers know these big words and phrases. They aren't just entertainers, they are educated entertainers." Do you notice that?

No, I don't.  I just see them as putting Sandow out there as a know-it-all as a generic way of getting him heel heat.

When Bobby Roode was in the BFG Series last year, they changed his name from Robert to Bobby. I figured they did that because he was being built as a lead babyface and, I guess Bobby comes across better than Robert in that role. But, with his heel character why didn't he go back to Robert. I just figured that would of been a good lil nuance to his heel persona to say to the people, "Don't call me Bobby, you refer to me as Robert." Doesn't "Robert" kind of fit him better than "Bobby" given his, "suit & tie bad-guy" character? Why did they change it from Robert to Bobby? And, do you think with him being a heel that "Robert" would be a better fit? I know it's a "nit-picky, little detail" question to ask. But, the little details matter to don't they?

It could have been but I guess they figured they abruptly changed him from face to heel and they didn't want to do too much at once.  I don't see it as being a big issue.

Do you believe that WWE will ever make a DVD for The Ministry of Darkness?

I have honestly never thought about it.  I think it's kind of lacking to make its own DVD set out of.  It's more of a chapter or two than a book.

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