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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-03 09:59:00

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AW has stated that while WWE released him for making the Kobe Bryant reference, at their last Hall Of Fame ceremony they inducted Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, into their hall of fame. I couldn't stand AW, and no one is happier than I am that he is gone, but with the Tyson situation, don't you think he's got a point?

You certainly could make that argument, no doubt.  WWE would counter with "he paid his time and is a changed man".  Obviously, he's also a famous man and one that brings attention to the company when they work with him.

Ok here's what I don't get about Brock Lesnar contract. He has to make roughly 2 appearances a month which is roughly 30 appearances a year. But he's only made 10 of them.  He's had 3 months off now he gets 3 more months off give or take. So why is WWE giving him all this time off instead of pacino a storyline on a good way, not dragging it out 3 months.

If they want him to be around for the first 14 weeks of Raw in 2012, that wipes out 14 appearances.  If they want him on the first three PPVs of the year, there are three more.  I haven't counted his appearances thus far but if it's 10, that takes him to 27 right there.  That leaves three.  The first quarter of the year is the most important for WWE so they adjust accordingly.  They need him for the most important time of the year. 

Hi, with Randy Orton having 2 Wellness Policy strikes, could you see a scenario where Orton gets legit hurt and is out for almost a year. Vince or one of his merry men tell Orton to fail a test, resulting in him getting fired. After 1 year is up, he can return to WWE. Would he come back with a clean sheet or would it even be legal for WWE to do this. If this was to happen do you think it would send a message to their employees or would it just be brushes off. Thanks.

It wouldn't be illegal since WWE is not bound by any law with the policy but it would be a big PR mess.  I don't see them ever telling anyone to fail a test, for any reason.  The PR problems and potential legal issues are too much to do that. Besides if he did fail when he came back he would have two strikes again.

First off, thanks to all of you involved in the site for all of the hard work (and keeping things from going the TMZ route, like other sites often do). On to the question. The past few years, several of the Japanese promotions (NJPW, NOAH, etc) have came together a few times to hold the "All Together" shows for the earthquake/tsunami charity and rebuilding efforts, either running tag matches with wrestlers from each company teaming together or just having championship matches all on the same card (like this year's was) as well as having celebrity appearances and such. If (Heaven forbid) something major was to happen in the US on that level, do you see the WWE being willing to put "ego" aside and partner with TNA or another company to do something similar for charity? We all know that Vince sees the WWE as the only promotion that matters, but he is also known to be very patriotic. Obviously, we wouldn't see John Cena lose cleanly to AJ Styles or something like that, but perhaps either tag matches (where the heel takes the pin from the face from the same company, say Cena/Styles vs Punk/Roode with Cena pinning Punk) or 2 or 3 singles matches from each company, all for charity?

I absolutely think Vince McMahon and WWE would do a show but I think Vince would do a WWE show.  In Japan, there is more a sense of equality and level playing field among the promotions.  That does not exist here.  And there is no way I see Vince mixing his talent with TNA's.  No way, no how.  Thanks for the kind words.  We appreciate them!

So A.W. gets fired for his continuous comments of poor taste and lack of common sense. Then The Prime Time Players lose their title shot at Summerslam. Do you see their push being killed due to what A.W. did or do you think they might actually survive and continue in the program? Great job as always and I am proud to be a renewed elite subscriber. Keep up the great work.

 I think that if WWE saw enough to push them they won't let losing AW (who I think actually hurt them as an act) derail that.  With that said, they are a tag team and tag teams don't mean a whole lot in WWE.

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