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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-01 10:00:00
I didn't watch it, but was Clint Eastwood debating with Little Jimmy at the RNC?

Could be!

Has hurricane Issac created any problems involving the live broadcast of Impact Wrestling? Has it created any travel complications for the wrestlers coming in and out of Florida?

No, thankfully everyone was able to get where they were going. They just had to deal with a few flight delays, which are just part of life for a professional wrestler anyway.

What's the latest with WWE Diva star Kelly Kelly and WWE?

She's back with the company but has not signed an extension.

Has there been anything more concerning the telephone conversation TNA President Dixie Carter had with former Knockout star Velvet Sky on the possibility of returning to Impact Wrestling?

No update on the Sky side of things.

With Bully Ray appearing on Impact Wrestling live last night as well as being among the finalists for Bound for Glory does this make one think he might be staying around a while longer? Very much longer if you get my drift. What does your gut tell you? Staying or going?

Honestly, as I wrote on the site, Ray is playing everything very close to the chest. He may have agreed to finish up or he may have signed a new deal. We will know shortly.

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