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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-31 10:00:00
There was a independent female wrestler who signed with WWE several years ago by the name of Krissy Vaine. It was speculated that she was scheduled to do a program with then WWE Diva star Torrie Wilson. After one incident on Smackdown where Vaine attacked Wilson leaving her on the floor she suddenly left WWE. I haven't seen or heard anything more about Krissy Vaine. Whatever happened to her? Is she still wrestling?

Vaine left WWE as she didn't want to go on the road full-time and felt the lifestyle was hurtful to her health. She did pop up doing some indies later but is done in the business.

With Devon no longer with TNA what are the chances of Bully Ray going as well?

Hard to say, although we have not heard any confirmation that Ray has signed a deal.

It was reported that recent viewership for Impact Wrestling rose to very favorable and impressive numbers. One would say it was all due to the presence of the mysterious group known as Aces & Eights. Do you think TNA might have lightning in a bottle? A situation that may quite possibly create trememdous success for the company? Could Aces & Eights become another version of NWO?

I think it was a combination of factors, including the return of Hogan, the climax of the Styles vs. Daniels program, and the improved storytelling over the last few months.

Has WWE ever showef any interest in developing a race team in NASCAR? I don't mean sponsoring a car but having an actual NASCAR race team along with Jack Roush and Joe Gibbs Racing among others.

Well, they had Bob Holly years ago! If they thought the right opportunity came along, WWE would be all for it.

Would it be that great a shock if John Cena turned heel? It is said that it would greatly effect the sales of posters, belts things like that. What if it only enhanced sales instead? John Cena: HEEL?

It would be a great shock, but if that shock leads to business going down (see Steve Austin in 2001), it's a bad idea!

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