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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-30 10:03:24
Did you notice on Impact Wrestling when Aces & Eights left the ring after hitting Austin Aries' hand with a chair they were seen getting on their motorcycles leaving the scene of the crime? They sure got out of there rather quickly didn't they? Was that ending pre-taped?

No, the segment was live.

Rey Mysterio sure seems to be injured a lot. Are we getting closer to him being the next member of the Future Endeavored list? I can't imagine WWE is happy with the number of times he's been pulled from the ring.

I don't think so. I think we are getting closer to Mysterio retiring due to injuries, but that's something that we've all had to expect was coming, just based on the amount of physical punishment he's put himself through his entire career. I am sure WWE doesn't like that Mysterio has been so banged up, but everyone on that roster gets hurt from time to time. I don't see them letting him go, unless he fails another Wellness test. He's still strong in the ring, is a good character for younger viewers and moves merchandise. Plus, he owns the name and I don't see them wanting to send someone so valuable to TNA.

You always talk about the best wrestler who never won the World title, so who are your three tag teams that should have but never did?

I'd go with The Young Stallions, The Killer Bees, The Islanders and if you will indulge me for an independent tag team that should have gotten to the national level, the Backseat Boyz.

Who do you think had/has the more impressive power slam-Ted Dibiase, Sr. or Randy Orton? I know it is two different eras. I happened to be fan of Ted’s Mid-South/ Georgia Championship Wrestling days. Thanks! Great site!

Orton has a hell of a powerslam, but I tend to lean towards DiBiase, probably because as a younger viewer growing up, it seemed more powerful to me. That may just be nostalgia clouding my vision though.

Any word on the ECW Volume 2 DVD? I bought Volume One at a Smackdown taping for $10 and it was awesome.

It's on the docket for a late 2013 release tentatively but they haven't even started picking matches as of this writing.

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