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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-28 09:59:00

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Have you ever heard of Santino ever expressing displeasure in his early WWE days that he wasn't used in a more serious role? I read online that he has an extensive Judo background and was actually considering MMA in Japan at one point. Guess anyone would be glad just to have a job in WWE and be featured on TV on a regular basis, but have you ever heard of him being unhappy at any point in his WWE career?

I haven't heard that he was at any point.  If it were me, and I could make a good living as a comedy character with minimal bumps, I sure wouldn't complain, especially when I saw how other people were being booked.

What do you think of a Ziggler/McGillicutty feud? Ziggler claims to be perfection, but McGillicutty is the son of perfection. And as an added bonus, he should use his real last name. Two great talented guys fighting to show who really is perfect.

Given how far down the card McGillicutty is, I think booking Ziggler in that way would guarantee that no one would ever take him seriously.

TNA without Angle: how big of a blow would it be to the company? He's an incredible performer and brings a ton of credibility to the organization, but TNA has done a great job in recent months of making their homegrown talent seem really important. Your thoughts?

At this point in time, I don't think it would be a huge loss.  Kurt is still a great worker but TNA has done a good job of making a lot of people matter.  They are not as dependent on a one or two guys in the manner that WWE is.  Kurt is an asset, for sure, but his loss wouldn't hurt TNA all that much in my opinion.

If Abraham Washington made his rape comments during the attitude era, would he be punished, or be given a push?

He wouldn't have been punished, that's for sure.  The Big Show, in a rap off with John Cena almost a decade ago, made the same "joke" and there was no issue.  I don't think it would have gotten him a push either though.  In the Attitude Era, you needed a lot of talent to get a push.

Would a good route for the WWE to head for Wrestlemania be to eventually have Brock Lesnar beat DX members and HHH friends till the Baddest Man on the Planet Mike Tyson confronts him leading to a publicity dream match at Wrestlemania?

I think Lesnar vs. Tyson would be a big boon for WWE.  It would draw interest and money.  Like I said in a question yesterday, I don't know that I see Triple H recruiting people to fight his battles for him, but I think a Lesnar-Tyson match would draw a good amount of additional buys.

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