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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-27 09:59:00

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In a dark segment at the Smackdown tapings on 8/14 Triple H gives Daniel Bryan a Pedigree to "please" the crowd. Isn't that some kind of contra-productive because fans love Bryan so much (even if it's fun heel heat)? I don't get it to let your hot act get destroyed, even when it's dark.

WWE hated that a guy that they booked as a heel, Bryan, got a face reaction.  So, they took away his catch phrase and do things like have HHH Pedigree him to cement into our stupid heads that we are not supposed to like Bryan.  It's insane in my opinion.  I think it makes far more sense to let the audience decide who they like and don't like, but what do I know!

First off, great site! Read it every day, no matter where I am. Keep up the great work. Now, foreshadowing a bit, Brock Lesnar beats Triple H @ Summerslam, and I don't mean just beats, I mean embarrasses the Game. After a couple of months in exile (possibly Royal Rumble), Triple H comes back to address the Brock situation and goes to the one man who he knows Lesnar can't beat because HE couldn't beat him ... 'Mania Taker. Plausible? Your thoughts?

It would be an interesting way to set up a Taker-Lesnar match but I would be surprised if Triple H would admit weakness like that.  This is the same guy that last year said he had to wrestle Taker because no one in the locker room posed a challenge for him. 

We are seeing a lot of WWE angles and matches that wouldn't pass muster any time in the past so my question is this. Would a better announce team like Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler or Heenan and Monsoon if it was possible improve on a s*** product?

I think that better announcers may have been able to make it more entertaining, especially Monsoon and Heenan due to their banter, but I think anyone would have a hard time selling the storylines WWE is producing as being good.

I remember reading on your guys sight not too long ago about an extremely old and rare video of George Hackendschmidt being discovered. I have a copy of The 1948 Wrestling Annual written by Lobo Brown, who wrestled around the late 1930s I believe. It is also autographed specifically for me, my grandmother met him in her travels of being a military wife and they kept in touch up until his death about 15 years ago. Would it be a stretch to say that this is a priceless piece of wrestling history?

Ted DiBiase would say everything has a price!  Seriously, all it takes for someone to sell something is finding a buyer.  There is probably someone out there that would value that piece of history.

More of a comment on someone else's question, but, if WWE uses TVPG as a crutch they're just misleading their fans. Burn Notice is TVPG and there is plenty of mature stuff on that show.

You are so right.  And to be fair, Vince McMahon has said that being TV PG doesn't mean they can't be better than they are now.  They just haven't done anything to be better than they are now!

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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