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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-26 09:59:00

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What is the story with Ezekiel Jackson? I am assuming that he is injured or sick. He doesn’t answer when he is asked about his absence on twitter.

Every time I ask someone about it they tell me he has fallen out of favor.  Why, I have no idea but he's in that Drew McIntyre, Alex Riley, Mason Ryan category with creative for some reason known only to them.

I know this may sound like a dumb question. But, is it me or was Bobby Roode such a good champion that, I'm not even enjoying Austin Aries title run? The thing is, I like Austin Aries and have no complaints about him. But, when I see Roode he still feels like the champ to me. Do you get where I'm coming from with that assessment? And, he seems out of place without the belt. I know, it isn't just because he had the title for a long time because, if Punk were to lose the title in WWE, I don't think I would feel that way. Thoughts?

I think Roode did a great job as TNA champion and I agree that there has been some issues with Aries transitioning his character to his new role.  With that said, I don't have a problem accepting him as the top guy.  It took Roode a little time to establish himself with the title and I think it's the same thing with Aries.

I know that I've read that Wes Brisco is apart of Aces & Eights.. But, when he showed up on Impact talking to Kurt in that segment, did you get that feeling that it kind of gave him away to be in it. I mean from a fan's point of view he looks like a guy who's, "up to no good." Especially in that segment, just kind of came off as one of them creepy-skiddish characters who has bad intentions. I don't know, just by looking at the guy, I think to myself if it was real-life and I saw that guy in public, I'd keep my eye on him because, he's got that look that just pisses you off by looking at him. If that's his role he should be able to play it good cause at least he does have that kind of look and vibe about him. Thoughts?

He just came across as goofy to me in that interview, not duplicitous.  It seems to me that he is the kind of guy that should do a "silent but violent" gimmick.

Do you think WWE has wasted it's money with Brock in an attempt to get him back for the way he left in 2004? I know it's a business and Vince wants to make money but, he's got enough to do something like this. I mean Brock has that realism to him and, not just because he was in UFC. But, he just has that something about him that comes across as real. He should be running through people during his limited dates. He looks intimidating and, not in a Undertaker or HHH way. But, he has that look of a bully who could really beat the hell out of someone. The UFC credentials add to it as well but, when he is involved in physical confrontations or a match you get that feeling of he's about to shoot on somebody. And, to me it's a good thing. Why doesn't WWE capitalize on that realism he brings. I know there is just something different about Brock that, you can just "feel" as a fan when he comes on TV. Why not use it? Is it that big of a deal for Vince to kind of get him back for what he did?

I don't think they have wasted their money.  The Extreme Rules PPV was up about 20% over last year due to Brock. That brought in significant revenue to WWE.  With that said, I would use him differently than they do but I can say that about pretty much everyone on the roster.  I prefer a wrestling show.  They prefer the WWE Variety Show.

I know he's treated as a jobber now. But, do you see the "main-event" potential in Drew McIntyre? I just see a guy who's 6'6, got a good luck, great in ring worker, can bump and sell very good for his size, great facials, good charisma when allowed to show it, ok mic work (needs some work there), and a guy who has a presence about him. I heard HHH say that he thought Drew was one of the future big-time talents they have. Then, why bury him for so long and why not use him if he's the future? I know about the SummerSlam incident but that was 2 years ago. I believe he's paid his dues by now. Thoughts?

Much like Big Zeke, when WWE (or rather Vince) sours on you, you are finished.  I am not sure if Drew has main event potential because I haven't seen enough of him.  But if he is ever going to get the chance, it will probably have to be in TNA.

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