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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-22 09:59:00
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Since WWE owns pretty much everything that is WCW related, why haven't they released a WCW theme music CD like they do with WWE themes?

There isn't much of a market for generic theme music from over a decade ago.

What are your thoughts on Ryback? For me, I find he has the size and look, and from what I have seen, can actually wrestle. I would just like to see him in a feud where he is in a match longer then 2 minutes. I actually look forward to seeing his segments as he seems to have that natural intensity

You answered the question for me.  Until I can see what he does in a non-squash environment it's hard to know what they have in him.  I am curious to find out however.

Apparently we are in the era of false finishes. When a wrestler has to use their finisher multiple times does it not undermine the impact and importance of the move? The exception to this is submission wrestlers. A submission wrestler attempts to break down a certain part of the body when done well (see Bret Hart and Ric Flair). Why has wrestling moved in this direction? Is it that new fans do not have the same appreciation for more scientific matches? My opinion leans towards the idea that current stars have a much smaller and limited repitoir of moves than wrestlers from earlier eras.

I don't think so.  If you are wrestling a top tier talent, he should be able to take more than one finisher.  It should take more than one big move to finish him off.  Now if you have John Laurinaitis doing it, I totally agree with you. 

How come AW gets fired for the same joke Big Show made many years ago live in the ring when the context was more relevant. Video reference is: 

First off, I hate when people call it a joke.  It's not.  Sexual assault is an act of violence against its victims.  Personally, I think it's only fair that anyone who finds the act funny should be force to have it perpetrated on them to gain some perspective.  As for why it was OK to say it almost a decade ago, the company wasn't TV-PG then and didn't have relationships then like the one they have with Mattel now.

Gut Check seemed a great idea to begin with, but with Joey Ryan "running wild" and everybody making it through, isn't it clearly becoming a work? Do TNA have the bottle to refuse somebody a contract, and if they ever did, would it affect that person's future in wrestling?

The idea is that they are bringing in qualified people so I don't have a problem with people getting deals.  I like the Ryan angle, it gives it a different feel.  If someone craps the bed, so to speak, it could make it harder for them down the road but the idea is to work hard and improve.  If they do that, they will be OK.

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