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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-21 09:59:00
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I was thinking about the BFG series going on in TNA and it looks like it will be a regular thing every year for them. It is only in its second year but I am starting to wonder since there are so many people involved and only one can win it, what does this do to the rest of the list and their push? Does this not make them look like a creative has nothing for you thing (no reference intended). Should they cut the competition down a bit because we all know Robbie E will never win such a thing as long as you have other names in there like Storm or Bully Ray who are fixtures on TNA TV. I would cut down the competition, perhaps let the fans choose 8 people and let them fight the series out in different types of matches with extra added stipulations like we saw tonight at Hardcore Justice with tables and ladders. Like Anderson would challenge Hardy to a match and if he beats Hardy he is out of the series. I say this because of the concussion Anderson suffered from the hands of Hardy and is the last chair shot to the head we saw in TNA. I am just worried the BFG series will stale out too soon and thus making their competitors stale out in the process. Unstoppable. P.S. I am glad you guys are not a all spoiler site. I love reading updates on wrestlers of my childhood and adolescence days. I am going ELITE next paycheck!!!

I think in the case of the top five or six, they have been booked to be important.  Guys like Robbie E and The Pope, yeah it's not looking great for them but I didn't expect them to get much of a push anyway.  I have enjoyed the way that they booked the series thus far and I think it has placed importance on the Title, which is what should matter to all of the wrestlers.  Thanks for the kind words and for supporting the site.

Why do you think WWE has decided to keep the current WWE "spinner belt" for so long (7 years)? Yes merchandise plays a factor but surely a redesigned, more neutral looking belt would be better, its like everyone having the smoking skull belt up to 2006!

Honestly, because Vince McMahon thinks that John Cena matters more than anyone else in his company.  Whether he has the Title or not, he still has his mark on it. 

Why did WWE decide to run WrestleMania's 21,22 in arenas? Judging from previous success of WrestleMania 17,18,19 in terms of attendance in stadiums why did they cost themselves money by running in smaller venues those years?

WWE had not fully transitioned Mania into being a stadium event at that time.  It was still a work in progress.

Can you see Sting as being the leader of Aces and Eights, when they finally turn the last card over it will be a Joker?

I can only see that if they hire Vince Russo back to book the product because the only person that would make any sense to is him!

Why would Heyman accept just because Stephanie yelled at him and slapped him? Wouldn't it have made far more sense to bring up, and yes, to an extent, re-write, history and have HHH say that Sable was his before she was Brock's? The whole Heyman making it personal was fine, but he should have laughed off what Steph and H were saying because he got under their skin. I know, I know, creative wanted it that way, but isn't there something to be said for consistency of characters in one promo block? Sure, tonight, Aug 13, Brock is going to %#|* kick HBK, supposedly making it more personal. Ok, whoopee, that will sell PPVs....:s The build hasn't been bad, but would that not have been a better way to get Brock to accept?

Honestly, given some of the other truly dreadful stuff that they have booked of late, that wasn't one of the thing that really bothered me.  They chose to "make it personal with family" which is a lot better that what they did with Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho in the "you can't win the big one anymore, well you never have one the big one" storyline.

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