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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-19 09:59:00
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SummerSlam tonight, should I spend the money or not? I value your opinion. I am leaning towards not but I wanted your opinion. Thanks.

Honestly, I would say save your money unless you are a huge fan of Brock Lesnar and/or Triple H.  Personally, I am not overly excited for this show.  Overall the build for the whole show hasn't done anything for me and to wait until two days before the show to even announce the World Title match is ridiculous. The show could turn out to be good but going in I think the storylines that they have laid down have been pretty weak.  I would wait if I were you.

I’ve been thinking about dream matches and one which I think could really be good was Kurt Angle v Ken Shamrock, I thought it has the makings of being a really good match a huge draw, two different type of wrestlers who have never crossed paths before, they both could really bring the best out of each other and of course both are master of the ankle lock.

In 2012?  Nah, Shamrock has been gone way too long.  Years ago it could have been interesting but Shamrock was never close to the in-ring worker that Angle is.

Hey guys. Excellent site! My questions revolve around Vickie Guerrero. Now I have immense respect for Ms Guerrero as she has come in and not constantly played the Eddie card but has carved out a character for herself and has become one of the top heels and is now used to draw heat for other characters on their way up. From fan events it's clear she is down to Earth, humble and is a good thing for wrestling but I do believe that the days of 'EXCUSE ME' and her being a heel are going on. Do you think she could turn face or is she too far into the heel camp to come back again? Also Vickie has been accused of having X Pac heat which I disagree with but do you think that she is more just hated rather than playing her character very well?

I think Vickie could turn very easily if they wanted to go there.  I don't think she has negative heat at all.  I think fans could definitely swing to her side if they booked her properly (granted, that is a big if in WWE).

With WWE having so much trouble doing their network, has there ever been any internal talk about doing their network strictly online? This way they don't have to look for providers and it is set up for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

They have talked about all kinds of business models.  Vince McMahon is said to want to be on cable and honestly, if very few people are paying to see WWE On Demand I don't see an online only network doing much better.  With that said, I am also really scared about them doing an actual cable network as well.

If WWE were to suddenly do an about face and dropped the "PG" tomorrow (as a wrasslin' fan of 30 years, PG is just fine with me and my family), I think the cumulative effect on the company would be financial disaster. Do you agree? If people don't like the PG of WWE, why don't they throw their viewership and support behind any number of the promotions out there offering non-PG events and quit droning on ad nauseum and bashing something a whole lot of us happen to enjoy?

 Disaster?  It depends.  If they started showing porn, yeah.  If they tightened up the storytelling and filled in logic holes, while trying to appeal to people over the age of 5, I think they could actually have the best of both worlds.  The TV PG isn't the big problem.  Bad storytelling is.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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