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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-18 14:45:00
I don't know about you but I don't like how Summerslam is now being held at the staples center every year.Is it because they want easy access to celebrities?I don't think anyone gives a sh** which celebrities are in attendance.

Summerslam was originally scheduled for Madison Square Garden this year but due to renovations being done to the upper bowl of the Arena, that was not possible. One of the main reasons they have done Summerslam in LA is to tie in a week of promotional appearances and meetings with potential Hollywood partners. WWE building their credibility in that world is of the utmost importance to management.

Since Wrestlemania 23, all Wrestlemania's have been held in football stadiums... what do you think about Summerslam being held at various baseball stadium's/fields? Wrestlemania 19 was a success in Safeco field so why not have Summerslam held at baseball venues it'd be pretty cool.

I think one of the reasons we see so many football stadiums as opposed to baseball fields is because they are larger by nature and their general shape makes it easier to set up production for the show. I was at Safeco Field in Seattle for Mania and that was an awesome show, but there are so few baseball stadiums that have domes, so I think weather is obviously another concern for the company. The other issue is that Summerslam is in the middle of the Major League Baseball season, so scheduling and production concerns for a show of that PPV's magnitude would be a major hassle for all involved. WWE can't announce the show and then move it at the whim of MLB's schedule.

In your opinion did the newly announced head of The Knockouts Brooke Hogan exude confidence that she could do the job or do you see the eventual cry for help from dear old dad?

Brooke is there more for storyline purposes than any real executive power.

What is the current status of the all womens wrestling show Wrestlelicious? Is it still in production? Would you know if Wrestlelicious is out on DVD?

It's on hiatus until the backers decide to produce more TV episodes and attempt to sell it to a TV outlet. There are no new episodes currently being produced.

Any updates on Wade Barrett and Kharma? Hoping to see them return soon.

Wade Barrett is back with WWE. Kharma was released.

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