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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-23 10:00:00
Is WWE's Wellness Policy available on the net somewhere? I'd love a chance to read through and find out what is or isn't specifically allowed.

Yes, you can read the Policy by clicking here.

It was reported that former TNA Knockout stars Velvet Sky and Angelina Love were reuniting later this year for a promotion called FWE. Will they still be called The Beautiful People? Call they still continue to wrestle under the names Velvet Sky and Angelina Love? Does TNA own the rights to the names?

I would think that the names of the talents would be owned by TNA, since TNA creative came up with the names. Like all talents who leave a promotion, I am sure they will skirt the issue of legality and use the names until they receive a legal letter.

So Randy Orton has 2 Wellness strikes against him, if he gets a third, do you honestly see the WWE releasing him? Or if say, Cena got 3 strikes, would he get fired? What about Mysterio? He's got 2 strikes.I don't really think the policy extends to the top card talent, especially if it means losing millions of dollars. A mid card guy like Ryder or Tatsu, definitely, but not one of the main eventers.

Yes, absolutely. WWE's policy is well stated and they are a publicly traded company. If Orton or anyone else had a third strike, WWE would have to fire them. They would be allowed to return in a year, as long as they passed a pre-employment drug test, but would always have two strikes against them. Orton and Mysterio having the permanent two strikes against them is going to be interesting to follow as it could put WWE into a situation where they would like to push them into long-term top positions but are wary because another failure could lead to an immediate firing.

Who in TNA/IMPACT wrestling is a homegrown star, outside of AJ Styles? Most of the main eventers there, other than Bobby Roode (who I think is developing nicely, but not at that level yet) are throwbacks from other federations. Samoa Joe, at least to me, is a ROH product.

Bobby Roode. Christopher Daniels. James Storm. Those three all come to mind. If you are considering Joe an ROH product, why not Styles as well? He worked for ROH in a top position well before TNA ever debuted.

How often do you think a wrestler comes up with an idea for themselves only to have creative shoo them away and use it for another wrestler?

A lot more often than you think! Bill Wiles in ECW actually came up with the Justin Credible name and well, you can see that it landed on PJ Polaco instead!

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