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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-25 10:00:00
Why did WWE stop Damien Sandow vs. Brodus Clay from happening at Summerslam?

It was always planned to be an added, unadvertised bout. The match was cut for time the day of the show.

Do you have any idea when the all womens show/pay per view SHINE will be available on DVD?

No word yet, although you can watch VOD replays of the SHINE iPPVs at

With WWE in the movie business what do you think of the idea of WWE buying the rights to produce a remake of the womens wrestling film ...All the Marbles? Feature some of the WWE divas in the film. Do you think WWE would be interested? Is such a remake possible?

I don't see WWE acquiring such a low-level (at least in terms of public knowledge of it) property for their Studios, specifically since they have thus far shied away from doing any wrestling-based films.

It was reported that TNA President Dixie Carter had contacted former Knockout star Velvet Sky on the possibility of returning to TNA. What's the latest on that? Has President Carter ever tried to reach out to Angelina Love to possibly convince her to resign with TNA?


I was surprised to read that Brooke Tessmacher was defeated by Madison Rayne at Hardcore Justice. I never saw the pay per view but was referee Earl Hebner instrumental in Tessmacher losing the Knockout title to Rayne? What's your opinion on Tessmacher losing the Knockout belt at Hardcore Justice?

It was just an angle to introduce Taryn Terrell into the promotion as a referee.

Whatever happened to Daizee Haze?

She is still wrestling and competing in fitness competitions. She also works backstage for ROH.

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