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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-15 11:39:20
JBL is now training to climb both Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro and South America's Mount Aconcagua.

The first Brock Lesnar WWE action figure from Mattel will be released as part of their Series 25 lineup, which will also feature Miz, David Otunga, Eve Torres, Big Show and Randy Orton.

The planned CM Punk documentary screening on 10/7 in Chicago will also feature a panel discussion with a number of those interviewed in the film. It's a shame WWE doesn't partner with Fathom Events to simulcast this into other theaters as I think there would be an interest in "special events" like this and it's a realm WWE hasn't tried to branch out into yet.

An official website has been launched for the CW Network's Saturday morning programming that will kick off 8/25, including WWE's Saturday Morning Slam at They list the show as "WWE Wrestling."

WWE has released an "old school" Mick Foley t-shirt using the old Mankind smiley face logo.

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