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By Ryan Stice on 2012-08-14 10:13:34
My buddy and I went to the Raw taping in Dallas last night. Saw you already had a live report up, but our experience was entirely different so I figured I'd send it along.

The Crowd seemed hot all night. Chants, cheers, boos, the works. The only time the crowd seemed dead during a segment was the Divas match.

There was a ton of wrestling on the show last night and the live crowd ate up the triple threat and the tag match.

I'm sure it must come across on TV, but Daniel Bryan is insanely over. Anytime he was in the spotlight the crowd went insane with yes chants. Probably one of the biggest pops of the night was his surprising run in at the start of the show.

I was shocked to see how over Ryback was to the live crowd. Tons of "Feed me more" chants and the crowd followed along with his arm movements. I've been bored with him on TV, but the place seemed to love him.

The only time the pacing of the show seemed to kill the crowd was the last 15/20 minutes. After the contract signing finished, everyone around us was trying to figure out what was going to end the show. We knew that unless they had some big surprise, there was no one they could follow up the HHH/Lesnar segment with and it not feel anticlimactic. I don't know what the commercial situation was on TV, but the problem live was they didn't play any video packages during the break leaving us sitting in silence and many wondering if the actually ran under-time for once. When we finally saw them in the back, there was a fear that the show would close on the big screen instead of in the ring, so the crowd kind of died out. However, when Brock carried Shawn out, the crowd perked back up.

Overall, we and everyone around us has a terrific time and felt WWE put on a very good show for the Dallas crowd with a lot of wrestling. I believe there were two promo segments in the ring and then the angle to close, but other than that it was all in ring action. I give it two thumbs up.

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