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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-14 10:35:29
Former WWE talent Brian "Abraham Washington" Jossie claimed in an interview with Connecticut's The Day that he was released from WWE because he wrote on Twitter that he wanted everyone to vote for Linda McMahon.

Jossie claimed that the day he was released, WWE Vice President of Talent Relations Jane Geddes called him and told Jossie that his public support of the campaign was an error.

"For some reason they don't want to associate her with anything to do with wrestling because it's in the past. Vince (McMahon) doesn't want any association with her campaign. They told me it's two totally different entities, which I didn't know. I thought I was doing a good thing."

WWE responded to his claims in the article, sticking to the same reasoning for his firing. Spokesperson Brian Finn stated, "WWE is a non-partisan organization. Superstars as well as employees are free to support any political party or candidate they choose. Unfortunately, Brian Jossie, playing the character of A.W., was terminated because he continued to exhibit poor judgment by making offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media."

Jossie pointed out that while he was reprimanded for his Kobe Bryant comment on the air, WWE placed convicted rapist Mike Tyson on the air.

Jossie's WWE Twitter account has been deactivated according to the report.

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