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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-08-13 23:00:00

We are live from Dallas, Texas and your announcers are Michael ‘Mr. Vargas’ Cole and Jerry ‘Mr. Hand’ Lawler.

Before our opening match, we see footage from the end of Raw when Big Show knocked out CM Punk and John Cena.

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Match Number One: CM Punk versus Big Show in a Non Title Match


Show pushes Punk around the ring but Punk with punches to Show. Show misses a chop in the corner and he connects with a series of kicks in the corner. Show with a head butt that sends Punk to the mat. Show with a punch to the midsection and then he chokes him in the ropes. Show with the shhhh chop in the corner.

Punk with punches to Show that barely move the big man. Show with a shoulder tackle that sends Punk back to the mat. Show stands on Punk’s back. Show then stands on Punk’s head after the referee warns him. Show with the shhhh chop against the ropes. Show holds Punk by the face but Punk stomps the foot and hits a drop kick but Show stays on his feet. Show with a head butt and slam.

Show says that Punk cannot stop him while he stands over Punk as the champion struggles to get back to his feet. Show with an elbow to the arm and then he uses his entire body weight to work on the shoulder and back. Punk with a kick to the chest and legs and he tries for a clothesline and Show does not move. Punk with more clotheslines and Show does not move. Show misses a splash into the corner and Punk with a knee into the corner and he tries for the bulldog (even though Cole says he hit it) but Show pushes him away and Show with the spear.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Bryan screams NO as he goes around the ring and he says that he deserves to be in the WWE Title match while Show hits a side slam and gets a near fall. Show climbs the turnbuckles but Punk kicks him in the back of the leg and hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Bryan punches Punk and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: CM Punk by disqualification


After the match, Bryan puts Punk in the No Lock while Show watches and he drops an elbow to the back.

John Cena comes out and Cena goes after Show and he clotheslines Show over the top rope to the floor. Cena with a back body drop that sends Bryan over the top rope to the floor.

Punk gets up and he looks at Cena.

AJ Lee’s music plays and she skips to the ring as any good General Manager should. AJ tells Daniel that he is clearly working through his anger management issues. Daniel will be teaming with the Big Show later to face CM Punk and John Cena.

Punk and Cena discuss their difference while AJ skips to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and JTG is in the back with Kaitlyn and he is angry that the most fly man in WWE cannot get in a match. He says that it is crazy. AJ walks by and she wants to know if JTG is saying that she is not doing a good job as General Manager. If JTG wants to compete so badly, he can go to the ring because she will find an opponent for him.

AJ tells Kaitlyn that she knows they have had some differences but she asks Kaitlyn if she is unstable. Kaitlyn says that unstable isn’t a word that she would call AJ.

JTG makes his way to the ring and Michael Cole mentions JTG’s comments on Twitter from last week.


Match Number Two: JTG versus Ryback


They lock up and Ryback sends JTG into the turnbuckles. JTG retreats to the ropes when Ryback goes after him. JTG wants the referee to warn Ryback. JTG with kicks and punches to Ryback. Ryback with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and he hits a running boot to the chest. Ryback slams JTG’s head into the mat and then he hits a power bomb and sets for the lariat and he hits it. Ryback with the marching muscle buster for the three count.


Winner: Ryback


Michael Cole mentions ‘RawActive’ and he says that we get to choose who Roddy Piper’s guest on Piper’s Pit will be. The choices are Chris Jericho, Miz, or Dolph Ziggler.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Santino Marella will be facing Antonio Cesaro for the United States Title on the YouTube Pre Show.

Roddy Piper is in the locker room and he says that he doesn’t know who his guest will be. He wants to know who everyone is picking. We see Shawn Michaels and he is deep in thought. Roddy says that he would be intimidated if he had to fight Brock Lesnar.

Shawn has a phone call and he wonders where Hunter is. Shawn says that he needs to be here tonight because it is not his fight. He tells Shawn that he needs to be there now and not later.

Heath Slater is in the ring and he says that he is the One Man Band . . . BABY. He says tonight everything is going to change because he is going to turn it around.


Match Number Three: Heath Slater versus R Truth (with Little Jimmy)


They lock up and Slater backs Truth into the corner but Truth moves and he punches Slater. Truth with a hip toss and he wants to know What’s Up. Truth with a split and then he tries for the spinning leg drop but Slater moves out of the way before Truth can hit the move. Slater with a punch and neck breaker for a near fall. Slater with kicks to Truth and he plays some air guitar.

Slater with a reverse chin lock. Slater with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Truth with a clothesline followed by Little Jimmy for the three count.


Winner: R Truth


After the match, the music for the Prime Time Players plays and they make their way to the ring and Truth fights them off for a moment but Titus with a boot to Truth’s head and then Young punches Truth. Kofi is not in the building tonight and Young and Titus continue the attack and Titus hits Clash of the Titus.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at Mark Henry’s trip to London during the 2012 Olympics and some of his Touts and photos.

We are told that Pauly D is the Social Media Ambassador for tonight’s Raw. Michael Cole reads off some of Pauly’s Tweets.

Michael mentions that the match between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio is no longer taking place and we see the footage from Smackdown and Booker T’s comments after the show.

We get Alberto Del Rio’s Tout about what happened. He says that he has a contract and we will see what happens on Friday night.


Match Number Four: Sin Cara versus Tensai (with Sakamoto)


Cara with kicks but Tensai with a punch. Cara tries for a rana and then a sunset flip but Tensai does not go down. Tensai with a shoulder tackle and then he puts Cara in the corner. Tensai goes for the Vader Bomb but Cara moves out of the way. Cara goes up top and hits a Swanton and he kicks Sakamoto. Cara with a rana that sends Tensai into Sakamoto. Cara with an enzuigiri and tornado DDT for the three count.


Winner: Sin Cara


After the match, Tensai takes out his frustrations on Sakamoto with a Baldo Bomb and back senton.

Shawn Michaels is in the back and he is asking a production assistant if he sees ‘him’. Shawn walks through the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Piper’s Pit. Remember that your options for his guest are Miz, Chris Jericho, or Dolph Ziggler.

Roddy says that he has some catching up to do. He asks about Ziggler having Money in the Bank but says that Jericho cannot win the big one. Miz is a movie star? Now we have Raw Interactive so when he changes the questions, they change the answers.

Roddy’s guest tonight will be Chris Jericho.

Roddy points out that the people are cheering for him because the last time he saw Jericho, Mickey Rourke punched his lights out. Chris reminds Piper that he knocked out Piper’s lights along with two other Hall of Famers at Wrestlemania.

Jericho says that he is excited to be on Piper’s Pit and he thanks the people for making it possible.

Piper says that they have something in common. He says that people started cheering him when he was fighting Mr. T. Now the people are cheering for him to beat Dolph Ziggler because Ziggler says that Jericho cannot win the big ones any more.

Piper says that he knows how Jericho feels and he knows Jericho’s dad. He says that Jericho’s dad wasn’t a quitter and he won the big one. He says that he doesn’t care what Dolph or the Miz has to say, it is all about the little kid in the crowd who is cheering for him.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and she lets out a series of Excuse Mes. Vickie introduces the man who will humiliate Chris Jericho on Sunday at SummerSlam . . . Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler says that he cannot believe this. He wants to know how long Piper has been doing this same, tired routine. He says that it is not fun, groundbreaking, or nostalgic. He calls Piper sad.

Piper comments on the color of Dolph’s shirt.

Ziggler tells Chris to pay close attention to this deranged individual because that is where he is going. How many failed comebacks will it take to realize that he cannot get it done any more? After he beats Jericho on Sunday, he wants Chris to take his obnoxious light up jacket and hang it with Piper’s kilt because he has lost it.

Jericho comments on Dolph’s hair and then he tells Vickie to SHUT THE HELL UP.

Jericho says that he has not forgotten the slap from Vickie last week on Smackdown. He tells everyone that he will prove Ziggy wrong and he will defeat him on Sunday. He will never eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever go back on that agayne.

Miz’s music plays and he comes out and he throws out a few reallys on the way to the ring. He might not be the best of friends with Ziggler, but they can win the big ones. Ziggler won Money in the Bank while Miz reminds us that he won the main event of Wrestlemania 27 and then three weeks ago, he won the Intercontinental Championship.

He does not care what the fans voted for because he is taking over this show. He tells Dolph he can be his guest while Piper and Jericho can get the hell out of his ring.

Piper tells Miz no and then Jericho attacks Miz and Ziggler. Jericho sends Miz to the floor and he does the same to Ziggler.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Five: Miz versus Dolph Ziggler versus Chris Jericho


Ziggler goes after Jericho but Chris with punches. Jericho with an elbow to Miz and punches to Ziggler. Jericho with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Jericho with a drop kick to Ziggler that sends Dolph to the floor. Jericho with a snap mare to Miz and a kick to the back. Jericho with a suplex to Miz for a near fall.

Jericho with a chop to Miz that sends him to the mat. Jericho with a kick but Ziggler trips Jericho. Ziggler with kicks to Jericho and Miz watches. Miz takes his turn kicking Jericho. Miz holds Jericho for Ziggler to punch him. Ziggler holds Jericho for MIz and Miz with a boot to the midsection.

Miz chokes Jericho in the ropes but Jericho with a chop to Miz. Miz hits Jericho from behind and then Miz and Ziggler with a double suplex to Jericho. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop to Jericho. He hits a second leaping elbow drop and Miz breaks up the cover. Miz and Ziggler argue a little and that allows Jericho to recover and he pushes Ziggler into Miz. Jericho sends Miz over the top rope to the floor. Jericho back body drops Ziggler to the floor. Jericho with a pescado onto Miz and Ziggler and then he gets on the announce table and poses. Jericho drops the cover of the announce table onto Miz and Ziggler.

Jericho with a kick to Miz but Ziggler knocks Jericho off the apron and into the announce table as we go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a rear chin lock on Jericho while Ziggler is still down on the floor. Jericho gets back to his feet and he connects with an elbow. Miz with a knee to Jericho. Miz chokes Jericho and then he slingshots Jericho’s throat into the rope. Miz knocks Dolph off the apron and gets a near fall on Jericho.

Miz works on Jericho’s back and then he applies another rear chin lock. Jericho with an elbow to the midsection followed by a chop. Miz with an Irish whip and he misses the Awesome Clothesline when Jericho moves out of the corner. Jericho with a shoulder tackle or two. Jericho with a springboard drop kick that knocks Ziggler off the apron. Jericho with a kick and bulldog to Miz.

Jericho with the Lionsault and he gets a near fall but he sees Ziggler coming back into the ring and he takes care of Ziggler. Miz is crotched on the top rope and then Jericho pulls Miz up for a superplex. Ziggler gets under Jericho for the Tower of Doom and all three men are down.

Ziggler gets a near fall on Jericho but Jericho with a crucifix for a near fall. Ziggler with a Fameasser on Jericho but Jericho kicks out at two. Ziggler waits for Jericho to get up for the Zig Zag but Miz comes from behind and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Ziggler. Jericho breaks up the cover and then he punches Miz. Miz tries for the Reality Check but Jericho counters and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Miz powers through. Miz with a boot to Jericho. Ziggler takes care of Miz but Jericho with a Codebreaker on Ziggler. Vickie puts Ziggler’s foot on the ropes to stop the ref’s count.

Jericho looks at Vickie and she has something to say to him. Miz with a rollup for a near fall. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Jericho drops down and he puts Miz in the Walls of Jericho. Miz taps but Vickie distracts the referee. Ziggler with a Zig Zag on Jericho for the three count.


Winner: Dolph Ziggler


CM Punk is stretching in the back and Eve Torres stops by and she congratulates him. Punk wants to know what Eve is talking about. She congratulates him on the new CM Punk. He says that there is no new CM Punk. He is the same guy he has always been. He has been undefeated for nine months. All he has done is fight for respect.

Eve says that no one believes that, especially Cena.

Punk says that he will tell Cena himself right now.

We go to commercial.


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