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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-13 07:34:25
Here's your NWA Anarchy report from Cornelia, GA for August 12.

Attendance at the NWA Arena was slightly over 100.

On paper, this didn't figure to be one of Anarchy's stronger TV tapings. They hit the pause button on the gimmick matches and competitive wrestling, and there was a fair amount of smoke and mirror stuff.

This taping was about the stories, featuring all kinds of shenanigans by GM Jerry Palmer and the NWA Elite and much frustration for the babyfaces. The fun first hour flowed beautifully and had great energy. There was more wrestling in the second hour, but the crowd wasn't as enamored with it. The end result was that several big matches being set up.

(1) Johnny Dangerous defeated Bobby Moore in 6:07. Back and forth match without much heat. Dangerous missed a moonsault and Moore loaded the elbow pad. Delay came out mocking Moore by singing the Barney song. The distraction allowed Dangerous to roll Moore up.

Afterward, Delay threatened to KO with the knucks. Moore bailed. Delay led the fans in a "Barney" serenade, and did the "sexy party" swivel hips dance with Dangerous.

Billy Buck said he pinned the NWA Anarchy TV Champion Bo Newsom and demanded a match. A provocatively dressed female introduced "the father and GM of NWA Anarchy" Jerry Palmer. Palmer said NWA Elite had the brains and the brawn and now they had the beauty to complete it. He introduced Miss Racahel as his administrative assistant. Palmer admitted that Buck had stepped up his game, but there would be no demanding nothing from his regime. However, Palmer granted Buck an opportunity to create an opportunity. Leading to...

(2) Billy Buck defeated Jacoby Boykins in 6:24. Palmer and Rachael observed from ringside. Boykins was dominating Buck with power moves when out of nowhere, Buck connected with the superkick. Heel referee Brent Wiley hesitated at two, but Boykins was out cold and like or not, he had to make the three count.

Palmer said Buck's title shot started right now and rang the bell.

(3) Bo Newsom defeated Billy Buck in 5 seconds. Newsom hit the ring and rolled Buck up with the small package.

Postmatch, Buck superkicked Newsom and bailed to safety. Palmer told Buck he had his shot and lost, so don't ask for another one.

Palmer said they lacked a number one contender for NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Shaun Tempers. Palmer introduced his partner in crime Jeff G. Bailey and Jagged Edge. Bailey said he was going to offer anybody in the back the dream of a lifetime. Bailey said most men couldn't last a minute or two with Jagged Edge, but he would make it fair. All they had to do was last three minutes to earn a title shot.

(4) Jagged Edge defeated Najasism in 42 seconds. Naja got a positive reaction from the fans. The little dynamo gave it everything he had, but Naja's offense was bouncing off JE, who ended with a massive powerbomb.

(5) Jagged Edge defeated Tommy Daniels and/or CB Gibson by count out. Gibson and Daniels argued over which one would take the beating and they both ended up walking out.

Bailey said they may be cowards but at least they're smart cowards.

(6) Brodie Chase defeated Jagged Edge to become the number one contender for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight by lasting the 3 minutes. The fans were really pulling for Chase. JE wasn't all that anxious to mix it up with the veteran. Bailey had to light a fure under him, and there were two minutes gone before he got it into gear.

UAS joined Jagged Edge for a postmatch beatdown on Chase. Mikael Judas hit the ring. He nailed UAS. Jagged Edge bailed out unscathed. Palmer ordered a tag team match to start right now.

(7) Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) defeated Mikael Judas & Brodie Chase in 9:58. The heat for this match was terrific. UAS worked Chase over, until Nemesis missed his big senton move. The tag was made. Judas gave UAS a major ass kicking. Jackson's selling as a heel is so much fun to watch. Judas tagged Chase back in and threatened to choke slam Nemesis on the ring steps. Jagged Edge ran out and hit Judas. Didn't hurt him, but it did stop him from ending Nemesis' life. While this was going on, Tempers nailed Chase with a belt shot to set up the pin. Jackson was out so out of it that the only body part covering Chase was the back of his head.

Judas hoisted the wooden ring steps over his head like they were nothing more than a 25 pound barbell. He threatened to throw them at Palmer and company, who ran to the back.

End of hour number one.

(8) Jacob Ashworth defeated Joey Rhymer in 3:15. Before the match, Ashworth clubbed Rhymer from behind and softened him up outside the ring. The beating continued. after the bell. Rhymer rallied and flew from the top. Not sure what exactly this was supposed to be, but it was an epic fail that did no damage. Ashworth took it home with a short arm clothesline.

(9) Andrew Pendleton III defeated JT Talent in 11:23. This was the first meeting between the former partners, now turned enemies. There was a stout JT chant at the start, but the crowd got quiet after that. AP3 took over working on the bad back that prematurely ended Talent's career a couple of years ago. Along the way, AP3 ripped the pad off the turnbuckle. Talent blocked the Stock Market crash and hit the Bail Out, but AP3 kicked out. Talent was in excruciating pain such that referee Dee Byers almost stopped the match. AP3 rammed Talent's back into the exposed metal until he was dead weight. Pendleton then hit the Stock Market Crash for the three count. The match was a struggle in more ways than one. The major positive was the job Talent did of selling his back. Part of the quiet was fans believing that he was seriously injured.

Afterward, AP3 held the turnbuckle pad like a trophy and laughed at his former partner's predicament. Talent needed help getting to the back.

Johnson said he had elevated JB and left him in the hands of JP and JGB, and now been named the new director of talent relations. JJ introduced his first acquisition -- Adrian Hawkins, as a two-time Anarchy Young Lion's Champion and the youngest TV Champion in NWA history. Johnson claimed that when Hawkins attended the Bret Hart camp (last week in Nashville), Bret said Hawkins was simply the best. Johnson said he also had a tag team he would take them to the top -- out came Gibson and Daniels. Johnson said it was time for them to live up their heritage. Johnson said Daniels was a proud Italian, and should go by his real name, Tommy Penrelli, and CB was such a good looking guy that he would now be known as CB Suave. Johnson also said Palmer had made it so the only way to win the Young Lion's title was to make Hawkins submit.

(10) Adrian Hawkins (with Tommy Penirelli & CB Suave) defeated Vandal via submission in 5:33 to retain the NWA Anarchy Young Lion's Title. Vandal surprised Penirelli and Suave with a dive. Hawkins went for a tope, but Vandal moved resulting in further punishment for Suave and Penirelli. Suave distracted Vandal to give Hawkins the upper hand. Penirelli later got a few shots in on Vandal outside the ring. Vandal still managed to get Hawkins in his inverted figure four, but Hawkins made the ropes. In the end, Vandal succumbed to the Sharpshooter.

(11) Azrael & Slim J defeated NWA Elite (Shaun Tempers & Se7en with Jeff G. Bailey) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship in 17:15. Good match but you would have never known it from the crowd reaction, and it's not like they weren't paying attention. Se7en and Azrael exchanged some wicked blows early in the match. Azrael's knees buckled legit on one of them. Palmer and Rachael came out to observe. Rachael had her clipboard out to take notes. Azrael took the heat which was different. J had to make the save after a massive flying elbow drop. Azrael ducked the bicycle kick and stunned Se7en with a roundhouse kick. J took the tag and the champions unleashed a barrage of innovative combo moves to put the monster down. Tempers ran out with the belt again and Chase cut him off. Referee Wiley stopped at the count of two, but Azrael forced his hand to the mat for the three count.

UAS hit the ring on Chase and the champions. Judas headed out for the save and didn't see Jagged Edge's attack from the blind side. Jagged Edge gave Judas three running powerslams and all of the babyfaces were left laying.

Palmer and Rachael came in to survey the carnage. Palmer said it was just like he said: everyone around Judas would get hurt and then it would be him. Palmer asked Chase if he still wanted his title match. Chase was in no condition to answer. Palmer said since everyone wants title matches, UAS could have a title match against the temporary tag champs on August 25.

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