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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-12 22:05:22
Since we have received so many emails about ROH champion Kevin Steen legitimately attacking fans last night at the close of the ROH Boiling Point iPPV, I wanted to let everyone so angered and upset about the situation know that the incident was a planned angle.

Numerous ROH sources have indicated that the "fans" involved were actually students of Bob Evans who did a tremendous job in getting themselves over as actual fans all night and then did an even better job in selling the attack.

So, for everyone writing about how terrible ROH is for not addressing this, the reality is that ROH did a great job at their job last night - getting over an angle that made fans believe. That was all.

So, save the anger and enjoy the moment. Everyone is so quick to complain about what is "wrong" so I really wonder if the same people will now praise ROH for getting something "right".

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