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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-12 20:04:52
The show starts off with Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez taking on Gunner and Kid Kash.  This is the right spot for this match. TNA has done Chavo proud in bringing him in but at the end of the day, he's Chavo.  He and Kash are great people to work with young guys that could use it. ... Chavo hit the Three Amigos really quickly.....too quickly.  He didn't pin Kash as Gunner helped out his partner so it turned into the heels working him over early.  The heels are in control early.

Honestly I am glad this is on early because with all due respect, this is one of the few matches on the show that kind of felt less than special. I don't mean that to sound disrespectful, it's just that they have done a good job of pushing the rest of the show.

10 minutes or so in, Chavo got close to tagging Super Mex, but he didn't get it done. Chavo is in sell mode here. The hot tag is coming. He could have had it but he did a double clothesline spot with Kash first. He got up and tagged in Hernandez, who cleaned house. Gunner came in and the ref just watched. Hernandez is a house afire and the hit a tope to the floor on Gunner. Chavo tagged him as he flew by and came in and pinned Kash. ... You knew Chavo wasn't losing here. it was fine for what it was.

Everyone in the tourney put over how important the Bound For Glory is. Why, because they get a Title shot. See, in WWE a Title shot means at best you are second from the top in 2012. In TNA, it means you can be in the main event. That is what happens when the product is presented as wrestling instead of a variety show.

Time for our first Bound For Glory match, Falls Count Anywhere with 20 points on the line. RVD comes out first. The Pope misses his cue. Uh oh, that doesn't bode well for him. Ends up the Anuses and Eights have laid him out in the back. It seems like they have an issue with the guy who had no chance at winning the BFG tournament. They laid him out and he's moaning. RVD looked a little concerned and then did a "oh well, one less guy to beat" face. Magnus, however, wasn't laid out and here he comes. He is looking over his shoulder cuz the Anuses and Eights could be looking to take a dump on him. Next out was Mr. Anderson. He has one less bitch to worry about with Pope out. ... Suddenly, it makes sense. He is an A Hole. They are Anuses. Maybe they are in cahoots with him. Oh wait, I gave them the anus name. Never mind. ... Anyway this will be a three way, at least to start.

Not for nothing but if you are Pope, doing BFG jobs on the house shows and then you get dicked out of this match, well rent don't buy seems to be good advice. ... The match starts off with fast paced action. Mini Kevin Nash, er Anderson, still looks weird with dark hair. It takes a bit to get used to. He has that tattoo across the top of his back. Is that like a male tramp stamp? I honestly have no idea. ... The first two came when NashDerson tried to pin Magnus on the floor. From there it turned it plunder. The guys are laying themselves out on the floor. ... AnderNash and Magnus made it back to the ring first. RVD, who the crowd is behind, came next and NashDERson crotched him. Yeah, I am having fun comparing mini-Nash to his doppleganger, so sue me. ... RVD frogsplashed Ken and Magnus made the save. He suplexed RVD on the ramp and to tried to take a chair from a ringside fan who didn't want to give it up. Magnus said give me a F'n chair, except he didn't care what the kids at Universal thought and said the real word. Ends up it was a bad move for Magnus cuz when he got one, RVD used it to Van Daminator him to the face and get the 20 points. This was more of a spotfest than an actual match but it was on second so I am fine with it in this position on the card.

Mike Tenay and Taz talk about how the Anuses and Eightballs took Pope out of the match and had an influence. So of course they send it back to JB so that if the Anuses take a dump on someone it's gonna be him. ... JB interviews Madison. He asked her about Earl Hebner. She lets the worst kept secret in the business and says as much as he is asking, JB is the one with a crush on him. She then implied that Earl is in her back pocket. JB was jealous of that I guess.

Devon is defending his Title against Kazarian. Impromptu match time. I expect we will see some Daniels and Garrett Bischoff here. ... Devon is in control early, beating Kaz up around ringside but Kaz came back. ... They traded near falls and then Kaz took control. ... Devon came back with a spear to make it anyone's game. ... Devon did a Spinaroonie (I am guessing) to get to his feet and the cameraman missed it. What a dick. ... Devon is back in control and gets a two count. ... Kaz hit a jawbreaker but Devon hit a neckbreaker for two. The crowd is behind Devon now. They trade nearfalls but Devon came through with the pin. Solid match. No interference. This could lead to a tag title feud with Garrett Bischoff joining Devon if he resigns.

Next up is the Divas match. They are setting this show to finish up with the best stuff after this. ... We saw a video of Earl Hebner as a stud. This isn't good. But it will be over soon. ... While the video was airing my wife asked where Dirty Girl was. When I said she wasn't here, my wife was bummed.

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