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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-12 19:41:44
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of TNA Hardcore Justice 2012! We started out with some pyro and then Mike Tenay and Taz welcomed everyone as they ran down the lineup for the show.  Between this and the excellent pre-game show, this had a very realistic sports feel to the Bound for Glory Series.

Gunner and Kid Kash vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Kash and Gunner attacked Chavo and Hernandez before the bell and worked them over, tossing Hernandez out and double teaming Chavo.  The crowd began chanting for Chavo, who dropkicked Kash out of the ring and nailed Gunner with the Three Amigos.

Guerrero was cut off.  Kash and Gunner worked him over with chops in the corner.  Gunner covered him for a one count.  Kash and Gunner took turns tagging in and out and beating down Guerrero.  I like them as a bitter heel tag team.   They even pulled out the old Midnight Express fake tag to fool the referee.

The crowd continued to chant for Guerrero but he was nailed with a double slingshot suplex for a near fall.   Guerrero fired back with a series of punches and they exchanged shots,  Kash sent him into the ropes but Chavo nailed a head scissors.  He celebrated but was nailed with a high/low before he could make a tag.

Gunner and Kash sent Chavo into the ropes.  Kash went down and Gunner drilled Chavo with a clothesline as he ran over Kash.  Gunner cinched in a side chinlock but Guerrero fired back.  Gunner cut him off with a high backdrop.   Kash raked his fingernails over Chavo's chest and then tied him up, scissoring his arms with his own legs.

Chavo was beaten in the corner with a series of shots by Gunner.  He and Kash continued to work him over getting heat on him.  Guerrero nailed a series of rights but was nailed and knocked right back into Kash's corner.  Guerrero nailed a right but Gunner drilled him with an axehandle from behind.  The story is that every time Guerrero fires back, he gets double-teamed.

Kash locked in a Camel Clutch but Guerrero escaped and rose to his feet, dropping back with an Electric Chair.  Guerrero crawled for the tag but Kash pulled him back and tagged Gunner, who stomped the hell out of Chavo.

Kash tagged in, measured and kicked Guerrero hard in the mid-section.  Guerrero fired back with an uppercut but missed a dropkick.   Kash went for a catapult but something didn't really work out and Chavo instead jumped up to the ropes and went for a moonsault.  He made the hot tag to Hernandez.

Hernandez cleaned house on Kash, drilling him with a big shoulderblock.  Gunner missed a clothesline and ate one as well.  Hernandez hit a big Beal on Kash, then nailed a running splash into the corner.  He lifted up Kash for an inverted power bomb and drilled him.  Gunner broke up the pinfall but was nailed with a big clothesline by Hernandez.

Hernandez nailed a big dive over the top onto Gunner.  That never fails to be insanely impressive.  Hernandez came back in with a slingshot shoulderblock into the ring on Kash.  Guerrero came off the top with a frog splash for the pin.

Your winners, Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez!

Really solid opening match.  Guerrero worked the hardest and with the most intensity he's worked in years.  Kash and Guerrero were great in the ring together  Kash and Gunner were a great team.  Saving Hernandez for the hot tag and all the crazy big dives at the end was great.  Really well laid out tag to kick off the show.

Bound for Glory Series: Falls Count Anywhere - Rob Van Dam vs. Pope D'Angelo Dinero vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson.

Dinero didn't come out when his music hit.  They went backstage and Aces and Eights were beating him backstage.  They slammed his shoulder with a fence door backstage and stomped his sunglasses.    RVD, the compassionate guy he is, tried to have the referee raise his hand.  That was funny.

Anderson took the mic and said it appears it's now a Three-Man match and he didn't care because it meant there was one less bitch he had to worry about. 

The crowd was solidly behind RVD when the bell rang.  RVD posed to the crowd on the buckles, so Magnus nailed him and RVD fell to the floor.  Anderson and Magnus battled back and forth in the ring.  Anderson kicked him in the head but Magnus came back with a running clothesline.  RVD returned and nailed both with kicks.  He nailed a monkey flip on Magnus, who almost landed on Anderson by accident.  RVD then nailed a spinning legdrop on Anderson.

They went outside, where RVD dropped Magnus onto the railing.  He set up for the corkscrew guillotine legdrop but Anderson nailed him from behind, sending RVD into the railing.  Anderson and Magnus battled around ringside.  Magnus was run into the apron and then slammed into the ring steps for a two count by Anderson.

Anderson continued beating him around ringside but a whip was reversed and Anderson ate the stairs.  Magnus grabbed a steel chair and measured Anderson, who ducked.  He kicked Magnus and then drilled him and went for a DDT on the chair but Magnus slammed him backwards onto the chair.

Anderson and Magnus brawled towards the entrance stage.     Magnus dropped Anderson on the railing but RVD returned and flung a chair hard to the back of Magnus' head.  He then nailed a corkscrew guillotine legdrop on Anderson.

Magnus returned to nail RVD, then mocked his trademark mannerisms.  He locked in a Boston Crab on the entrance ramp but Anderson nailed him from behind with a charging shot.  Anderson dragged Magnus into the ring.  They fired back and forth with strikes.  They drilled each other with a double clothesline.

RVD returned and ascended to the top for a Five Star Frog Splash but Anderson nailed him.  They teased a Tower of Doom spot with all three but Anderson nailed Magnus and dumped him to the floor.  RVD worked over Anderson, who fell into the ring.  RVD nailed the Frog Splash but Magnus pulled him out of the ring at two.

Magnus suplexed RVD on the ramp and returned to the ring to pick the bones.  Magnus tried to grab a chair from ringside but a fan wouldn't give it up.  RVD was bleeding on the apron.  Magnus finally got a chair and met RVD on the stage, where he had crawled.  Magnus was shoved away.  He stopped himself from going off the side.  RVD threw the chair at him and nailed the Van Daminator for the pin.

Your winner, with 20 points won, RVD!

A decent Falls Count Anywhere match where everyone worked hard.  Taking out Dinero was addition by subtraction.  Magnus really looked good here.  Using the stipulation as cover for RVD using the chair added a nice dimension.  They set up the RVD spots nicely.  Solid.

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