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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-15 09:59:00
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When will WWE end the PG era? I'm a huge fan of WWE but lately its been lacking in entertainment, in my opinion (and my friends and family) they need to end the PG crap, also I think they need a power stable like the Nexus, but with more widely known talent so they could actually win titles, do you see any of these happening soon?

No time soon.  The company has more opportunities with companies like Mattel if they stay TV-PG so get used to it.

Which wrestling schools would you recommend somebody going to if they are trying to become a wrestler?

I look for schools where students get jobs in the business.  Team 3D Academy and Lance Storm's school do a good job of that.  Dory Funk does a good job as well.

Love the site and have enjoyed it even more since becoming an elite member. Something I've always wondered about the relationship between Bobby Heenan and Hulk Hogan is exactly how does 'The 'Brain' really feel about Hogan? For years as a manager and commentator he always ripped on Hogan, even after Hogan went heel with the NWO. I'm sure it was in character, but was there any real animosity between the two?

Heenan was playing up his storyline feud with Hogan, which made him a lot of money.  When he is shooting, Heenan says very good things about Hogan and his place in the business.  Hogan even wrote the forward in Heenan's book.

I was just curious about Samoa Joe. He seems to have fizzled out a bit in TNA and basically become an afterthought. With WWE in search of new talent at the top of the roster, what are the odds that we see Joe jump ship to WWE?

 Joe was actually a free agent a year or so ago and WWE made no real effort to sign him.  Luckily, he has been given a nice push lately in TNA.

I have a question about the WWE network. I have read a lot on your site and others about how the WWE Network can't seem to get onto satellite and cable systems, how it's bound to fail, how it's comparable to the Oprah Winfrey Network which apparently has been failing, etc. What I don't understand is how the Big Ten Network seems to be a big success, at least according to college football news sites. It's on DirecTV and many cable systems, and in its two years of existence it has had virtually no major programming or events. Additionally, even the Oprah Winfrey Network and many other minor networks are on DirecTV. How can WWE Network not be attractive enough to get onto DirecTV and maybe Dish Network at similar terms to networks like this, and why wouldn't that be satisfactory to get the network started ?

Big Ten sports cover a large geographical area and have games that attract a desirable audience (largely college folks) to advertisers.  That got them on the air.  WWE, on the other hand, doesn't have that going for it, much to Vince McMahon's dismay.

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