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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-14 09:59:00
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I've noticed that when Kevin Nash gets called on saying something stupid online (a recent example being that crowning Benoit and Guerrero champs killed the biz), he retreats to the position of 'working the marks'. Does he not realize that he's not a puppetmaster but actually simply a troll and he now has become the same as the basement-dwelling internet nerds he once despised? When you're on TV and promoting an angle or storyline, you're working. When you're online, more or less unemployed and just desperate for your name to be mentioned, you're a troll.

It's all relative.  Sometimes you are working an angle to push a storyline.  Other times, people do it to get a reaction and try to stay relevant.  Nash falls into the latter category and given all of the people he got to respond, he achieved his goal.  Me, I would be more concerned with enjoying my life if I were him but he obviously is missing being relevant and is doing what he can to get some of that back.

What is your opinion of wrestlers who complain about WWE's use of them on Twitter? I find it a little unprofessional myself. Don't WWE sort of need jobbers? JTG can't be booked to win as much as Cena, for example, because within the confines of kayfabe, Cena is better. Granted, I have sympathy when someone is built up and then start being made to job to everyone (Swagger, Miz) but that is more irritating due to the waste of time and effort put in to getting them over. Perhaps instead of employing folk like JTG and Tyler Rex WWE ought to release their in-house jobbers and just use local talent. But then beating non-wwe wrestlers has even less credibility than beating Curt Hawkins.

Well, I think if they want to stay employed by WWE it's a stupid move to make.  To me, it depends on the situation really.  If JTG is complaining that he isn't booked in the main event, he is delusional.  If he is complaining that he is being paid $5 in bonus money for house shows, he may have a point.

Kudos to Mike Johnson's article on Nash and his comments. Correct me if I'm wrong.  I don't recall Benoit or Guerrero ever doing their best to get out of doing house shows in small towns while with WCW. Didn't Nash and his buddies get away with no showing house shows unless it was in a big city in WCW? Those small towns contained  alot of WCW's core audience, who were with them before Nitro.  That tells you how much respect Nash showed to the business. Your thoughts?

You are wrong.  He didn't no show, he had it in his contract that he didn't have to work the house shows to begin with.  You can't blame him for negotiating a great deal.  You should blame the guy that gave it to him and thus screwed the fans who attended the shows hoping to see "all of the stars".  I won't attack anyone who doesn't want to go on house show tours every week if he doesn't have to.  The travel sucks.  Plus, most of those shows didn't draw that many fans anyway.  At that point in time, WCW was largely a TV product.

 We’re never gonna get Cena vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania, are we?

I tend to think we won't.  It doesn't bother me though because I never had any desire to see it in the first place.

Why is CM Punk attacking Jon Jones? I mean yeah he just got hit for a DWI but what does that have to do with Punk? Is he jealous that Jones is getting a Nike deal despite the DWI or is there another reason?

Punk like to say what he thinks when he thinks it.  He is entitled to voice his opinion on matters outside of wrestling.  I have no problem with it.

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