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By Dave Scherer on 2012-08-12 09:59:00
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Hey guys. With Lesnar coming out of the UFC and still training MMA to keep in shape, what are the chances of him reacting to something, in the moment, during a WWE match where someone throws a stiff shot on him and he reacts with his MMA training and really starts giving hard shots? I know he was and is a great pro wrestling performer and should be able to control himself but sometimes instincts take over when these guys get rocked from a bump. Do you see Lesnar protecting himself and others like HHH, Cena, etc or is there risk of him legitimately hurting them?

Brock has always been a professional.  He even did the job on the way out the first time.  Could I see him giving someone a receipt if they do something wrong?  Sure, but a lot of guys do that.  Do I see him going whack-a-doodle and entering crazy shoot mode?  No, I don't.  He is too seasoned to do that.

Why is everyone so surprised that WWE is horrible at developing their own talent? It's not as tho this is a brand new thing. Almost every major star of the 80's, were raided from AWA / UWF / NWA / Mid-South / WCCW (amongst many others). Yeah, they got new personalities, maybe crafted their in-ring style a bit more, but they were stars before they came to the then WWF. The early 90s, saw many of these stars carry them into the mid 90s with the steroid case, where many of the established stars fled to WCW. There was a lull in the mid to late 90's where WWE for the most part, sucked, and opened the door for WCW to boom. Late 90's (when the Monday night wars started) and into the early 2000's, the push of major stars came mostly from ECW and WCW, and carried WWE into the later portion of the 2000's. Now, due to Vince doing whatever he could to crush competitors from being a threat, there are no outside federation "popular" guys to come in and become stars. I get the reality of WWE killing their own product by not knowing how to develop new talent and make their young roster stars, but as history has shown, does this really surprise people that much?

I can only speak for myself here but there are two main reasons in my view.  One is that there are almost no places left to get talent from now as there were years ago, though I totally disagree with you on how they developed talent then.  Undertaker, Austin, Foley and HHH may have worked in WCW, but they became stars in new personas in WWE.  The Rock?  Kurt Angle?  They weren't WCW or ECW stars.  The other is that they keep making the same mistakes over and over again and expect a different result each time.  It's literally lunacy.  You would think at some point someone in WWE would see the pattern and figure out a way to make Vince McMahon see it, since he obviously can't right now.

What do you think of the idea of a TNA vs WWE pay per view? Since this issue with TNA lawsuit against them, that would make an EPIC program. There is a bunch of dream matches to be made and not to mention a ton of money.

I think I would love to see it but unless WWE buys TNA it won't happen.  WWE doesn't want to help TNA in any way.  Also, there is the matter of who wins matches.  WWE won't be putting TNA over, and TNA wouldn't want to do a show where their guys all lost. 

I can't stand it anymore. Why does every face-authority figure buddy-up with every face-on air-character? Booker T ist two minutes on his job as Smackdown-GM and kisses up badly to Sheamus, than Teddy Long, Leyla, what ever. Sheamus congratulates Booker three times and wants to go out for a beer after the show. Booker appreciates that. If that isn't enough, he treats the heels bad without any reason. Why can't the GM act right down the middle?

Because wrestling is about good guys and bad guys and they book it to the lowest common denominator.  It's part of the reason the GM role is past it's sell by date in my opinion.

How do you guys sort out questions and how do you decide which go where and post when?

 I open up the email account and usually start with the newest stuff to be topical.  Once I get five good ones I answer them.  Honestly the better they are written, which means the less editing I have to do, the better chance they will get picked.

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