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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-11 10:20:58
WWE filed a motion asking for an extension in time so they can properly respond to the lawsuit brought against them, their subsidiary Stephanie Music, composer Jim Johnston and Michael Hayes by James Papas, who co-wrote and composed "Badstreet USA" and a number of other musical theme songs using by WCW.

WWE asked for and received a motion that gives them until 10/8 to respond to the lawsuit, so I wouldn't expect any additional updates on the case until that time frame.

In the lawsuit, Papas alleges that his original registered songs were re-registered to WWE and instead listed Jim Johnston and/or Michael Hayes as the songwriters/composers of the material and Stephanie Music as the publisher, taking away revenue and credit that rightfully should have gone to him. Papas also alleges that WWE wrongfully infringed on his music by using the material on the Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling DVD ("Badstreet USA"), in ring tones released by WWE and in numerous older matches broadcast on WWE's Classics on Demand VOD service.

In the suit, Papas claimed that "due to Defendant WWE's erroneous registrations and its failure to submit proper cues to BMI, Plaintiffs have not received any payment or royalties in connection with these performances."

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