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By Michael Specian on 2012-08-11 08:15:00

Here are live spoilers and impressions from the episode of ROH TV that will air this weekend.  The episode was taped in the DuBurns Arena in Baltimore on June 29.  I was sitting ringside for the show, so I was able to hear a number of the little, usually-inaudible comments thrown about by the wrestlers.  I include some of them below.

Match 1: Kyle O’Reilly def. Matt Taven in 5:30 - The reaction live to Kyle O’Reilly is weird.  I think people realize he’s talented, but until several weeks ago, he was just awful on the mic.  He was a supporting character to Davey, who turned heel and Kyle just went along for the ride.  The fans just don’t know what to do with him.  You’ll probably notice on TV that the crowd was pretty quiet during this match.

Perhaps through some act of karma, Kyle started bleeding from the mouth during this match.  After he tapped out Taven with an arm bar, he stood on the middle turnbuckle, breathing heavily, and stared out at the crowd as blood trickled out of his mouth.  From my perspective on the floor, the windows at the top of the arena were behind Kyle’s head.  At that moment, that monstrous derecho that knocked out power all up and down the East Coast was raging, so the scene was an angry, bloody O’Reilly plastered in front of a backdrop of violent thunder and lightning.  I doubt this will come across on TV, but it was wicked live.

O’REILLY: Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  In New York City at Best in the World I did not tap out to Adam Cole.

CROWD: [booing]  You tapped out!  You tapped out!

O’REILLY: I was simply responding to a previous injury!  I would rather die than tap out to Adam Cole!  But you know what?  I have a thirst for blood now.  And it starts by making an example out of Matt Taven.

The second match begin with Truth Martini coming to the ring with Rhino...twice.  Truth actually jumped his cue and came out before he was supposed to and the crowd got all over him for it.

Match 2: Rhino (with Truth Martini) def. Todd Sople in 1 minute - Gore.  The crowd was chanting “Feed me more!”

The HOT was in the next match.  While waiting for the next segment, Truth just stood in the ring reading his book.

TRUTH: In the House of Truth, there is love, there is loyalty and more importantly there is unity.  Now I’ve been hearing some hooplah and they’re all rumors.  Unbreakable Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong work perfectly together just like a nice Swiss watch.  And ladies and gentlemen, that’s coming up next.

Match 3: The Bravados def. Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin (with Truth Martini) in 5:40 - There were some fun, subtle things the HOT did to build the dissention angle.  Elgin set his ring jacket on the turnbuckle and Roderick just gently pushed it to the floor.  When the Bravados had control on Roderick, Elgin made some snide remark to Truth who replied, “Don’t make fun.  It’s two on one.  He’ll have control in a minute.”  When Elgin tagged in, Truth commented to Roderick, “It’s ok, but what was all that in the beginning?”

In the ring, Elgin picks up both Bravados and hits a fallaway slam AND Samoan drop.  Very nice!  Roderick tags back in but finds himself in trouble.  Truth asks Elgin to help him, but he refuses.  He walks away from the tag and the Bravados roll up Strong for the pin.  The two stare at each other before walking off.

Match 4: Jay Lethal and ANX def. Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino - Oh boy.  More audio problems with the music and whatnot.  At first, I thought it was due to the storm.

This immediately degenerated into a melee.  I was privy to some hilarious comments by the wrestlers.  Here are a few:

FAN:  Steen, why don’t you actually wrestle?
STEEN:  Actually, I’d rather throw this guy into the guard rail. [He throws one of his opponents into the ring barricade.]

[Jacobs and Steen with a double team.  They high-five.]
STEEN:  Hey, man!  That was perfect!

[Jacobs sticks up two boots in the corner.  Steen sticks up one as Corino throws his opponent into their feet.]
STEEN: Hey!  That was three!

[As Kenny King was about to make a tag, Steen falls on top of him, preventing the tag.]
STEEN: [to the crowd]  That was close!  [He winks and gives a thumbs up to the audience.]

[Jay places Steen on the top rope.]
LETHAL: I’m the next world champion, douchebag.

Steen hits a sick top rope senton.  Two count.  Jay hits the Lethal Injection on Jacobs and gets the pin.  Steen and Corino are detained outside the ring and are unable to make the save.

Steen grabs an already broken chair and brings it into the ring.  Corino delivers a sick back body drop onto the now mangled chair.

STEEN:  This is exactly what’s going to happen!

Steen holds up the title, while Corino and Jacobs hold up the two tag titles.  Rhett Titus brings chair into the ring.  He smacks Corino in the back with it.  He drops the tag title.  Jay does the same to Jacobs and chases them off.

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