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By Arvid Spejare on 2012-08-10 06:44:50

I went to the Smackdown house show at the Ryougoku Sumo Hall on 8/9. Even though all announced wrestlers appeared and wrestled, almost none of the announced matches took place, most notably Daniel Bryan against Rey Mysterio. The floor seats were sold out and the rest of the arena was at about 75%. Bryan's Yes shirt seemed to be the most popular one to wear.

Santino Marella retained the US title against Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes
Cody tried to walk out as a protest at the lack of cheers he was getting compared to Santino and Kofi, but they brought him back to the ring. After double-teaming Cody for a while, Santino and Kofi shook hands and proceeded to give each other a bow, which got laughs from the crowd. The finish came when a Kofi was thrown out of the ring from a three-man superplex, and Santino pinned Cody.

Ted DiBiase beat Jinder Mahal
Jinder cut a promo about how he confronted Undertaker at Raw 1000, and issued an open challenge, even though he was already scheduled to face DiBiase. At the beginning of the match, Ted borrowed a Zack Ryder headband from a fan, put it on and - after a "Woo Woo Woo" - took it off to mock the way Jinder took off his turban earlier.

Daniel Bryan appeared on the screen and said that he was going to beat Kane tonight.

Kelly Kelly beat Natalya

Wade Barrett beat Justin Gabriel
Barrett seemed to be in great shape. Gabriel went for various high-flying moves, and Barrett beat him down with punches and brawling.

Kane beat Daniel Bryan
Bryan was a complete babyface, encouraging the "Yes" chants. Kane was the heel, but as the match kept going with Bryan attempting various submission holds, the crowd started to cheer Kane as he was struggling. Bryan got annoyed at this and tried to bring a chair in the ring, after smashing it into the guardrail, which got him booed for the first time. As Bryan was distracted by the ref getting the chair out of the ring, Kane got the chokeslam for the pin. After Kane left, Bryan slowly got up and received another round of applause.

John Laurinaitis appared on screen and said that he'll enjoy seeing Big Show become the new World champion tonight, but added that it was also possible that he'll win the title himself.

Rey Mysterio, Zack Ryder and Yoshi Tatsu beat Jack Swagger, Epico and Primo
Yoshi came out first, and was apparently supposed to be wrestling Swagger, but Swagger attacked him from behind as he was standing on the turnbuckles. Ryder ran out for the save, but was attacked by Epico and Primo, and then Rey's music hit. After everyone got a couple of moves in, Ryder became the face in peril for a long time until he managed to tag Yoshi, who took over the role. Swagger got surprisingly loud boos whenever he did something heelish. After quite a long match, Rey eventually pinned Swagger when he reversed an ankle lock attempt into a 619.

Randy Orton beat Alberto del Rio
Orton was by far the most popular wrestler of the night. Del Rio came out first and acted a bit like a face, taking in the cheers and throwing his shirt to the crowd. But once Orton's music hit, no one kept cheering him.

Sheamus beat Big Show and John Laurinaitis to retain the World title
Laurinaitis started out the match and got an "Ace" chant from the crowd, but it quickly changed into boos when his first action was to tag out. Big Show was a complete monster and destroyed Sheamus left and right, with Sheamus only getting in a few moves here and there. Laurinaitis tagged in once and kicked Sheamus when he was down, only to tag back out again. Finish came after Big Show blocked the Brogue Kick and beat down Sheamus. Laurinaitis once more tagged in to get the pin, but Sheamus kicked out. Laurinaitis then tried to reason with Sheamus and shake his hand, but when Big Show went to punch Sheamus, he ducked and Laurinaitis was knocked out instead. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Big Show and pinned Laurinaitis.


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