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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-10 10:00:00
I live in Long Island and a few years ago when I was going to day camp, I remember a wrestling show being put on as part of the day by a company called USA. What company was that and does it still exist?

I believe the promotion you are thinking of was Frank Goodman's USA Pro Wrestling, which would do annual free shows for a day camp in the Long Island area. They were shows exclusively for kids in the camp and weren't open to the public, so based on your description, that's my guess. Goodman changed the company's name to UXW and moved it to Florida where he now resides. They still run.

Why does Kurt Angle keep going for the moonsault when he never, ever hits it?

Try, try again? Seriously, he does it to get a pop from the audience. He has hit it from time to time and even severely injured Bob Holly with it.

With Miz winning the Intercontinental Championship, that puts both mid-card titles officially on Raw. Should we be expecting a SmackDown! superstar to win the United States Championship from Santino soon or will they be allowing superstars from both brands challenge for both titles now?

The brand extension is dead in everything but name and official declaration of it's passing, The majority of the talents are working both nights of TV and the only time there is ever any difference in the rosters are on the house show tours. So, it doesn't matter which brand's talent holds what title anymore.

Seeing the Undertaker at the 1000th episode of RAW made me long for the days he performed on free television I know he's been dealing with some injuries and has only been popping up around Wrestlemania time but is there a chance he will work a short term program with anyone before next years Mania? I'd love to see more than one Undertaker match a year

There is always a possibility, but given how banged up he is with his hip and shoulder issues, it's probably wiser to use him in non-wrestling cameos until they hit Wrestlemania, where the Streak is as big a drawing card as any main event they can promote. The more he is used, the less important his aura will appear to be. They need that aura to sell the big matches come Wrestlemania time.

When do you think Jeff Jarrett & his wife Karen will be returning to Impact Wrestling?

Sooner than later. There's been a lot of talk of Jarrett returning to storylines soon.

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