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By Mike Johnson on 2012-08-09 10:00:00
Since we saw the debut of Mark Henry and Mae Young's son, The Hand, on the 1000th episode of raw, do you know if they plan on keeping him on one of the main rosters or will they be sending him to FCW for more seasoning?

I'll hand it to you on that one.

Do you expect the former TNA Knockout superstar Velvet Sky to eventually sign on with WWE? Does she own the name Velvet Sky or does TNA? She stated in her message to stay tuned. WWE Bound?

I think that if WWE wants her, she'd be very interested in signing with the company. TNA owns the rights to her name as they developed it.

I have been a long time fan for years but didn't start paying attention to the backstage part of the business until probably 2002 and my question has to deal with the Undertaker and the streak. Undertaker has been involved with every wrestlemania since 1991 with the exception of 10 and 16. Was there a particular reason why he didn't compete at those two events? Obviously guys need a break and time off but I didn't know if he was injured or if there was some other reason for him not being on those shows.

Undertaker had been given a break as a character after the 1994 Royal Rumble when he was defeated in a casket match and the urn that gave him his power was opened. He "died" and was "resurrected" (don't ask). He was actually at the Wrestlemania Fan events that weekend but missed the PPV as he was flying to Japan for an appearance. At Mania 16, he was taking time off and would return as the Biker version of the character some time later.

One of the hot button issues in MMA right now is testosterone replacement treatment, with many big name fighters get exemption from the athletic commissions to use the treatment. The documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger, displays just how easy it is to get a doctor to prescribe TRT to someone and how easily accessible the treatment is. Many MMA call TRT a legal loophole to get an advantage. Do you know if the the WWE Wellness Program factors this in? Are WWE talents allowed to use TRT as long as they have a doctor's note or something along those lines?

WWE monitors when talents are using it in order to insure they legitimately need it. They are well aware of the system but also understand that they changed the drug culture of the company and in some cases, there are talents who's endocrine system was severely hurt by their own past steroid use, so it is medically necessary to undergo the TRT.

Has TNA found a new DVD distributor yet?

For the United States, not yet.

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